On Transaction Managers and its protocol

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I’m reading about Transaction Managers in

That as a question:

  1. How does a Network Transaction Manager Reach consensus? i.e. how do the 32 vaults that act as a Transaction manager reach consensus, what does the protocol look like?

  2. Related to 1., the webpage above reads “The only difference with transaction managers is that there is an additional layer of security: there is a 7-group chain; the first group of transaction managers must get permission from another group of 32 nodes, and so on.”
    2.a So, it’s not only 1 NTM that reaches consensus, it’s 8 (1 + 7) NTM’s that have to reach consensus on a transaction; would that conclusion be correct? If so, back to one, how does the protocol look like?
    2.b Would it be possible that one NTM receives confirmation of another NTM, which basically consists of 31 similar nodes (the first NTM) + 1 new node (creating a new NTM)?

  3. In the above paper, an odd being is introduced: Third Party Transaction Validator. What is the role of this entity and where does it come from; is it a vault, too?


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This might help you get a little closer to your answer, but to my knowledge there is no updated info out yet.

Hi 19eddyjohn75,

Thanks! I actually found that thread, it focuses on a discussion about removing transaction managers by making transactions part of the two proposed data structures. It’s an interesting thread, but seems not to answer my questions on how NTMs work at this moment (in detail) :smile:

These things are moving rapidly and documentation hasn’t caught up, and probably won’t until things have settled out. From what I can establish, the safecoin transaction function has definitely been removed from the Vault level and will be on the Client side as a special class of structured data. How that all works out and exactly where it is in implementation is not apparent at the moment.

I’m sure all will be revealed in due course, but it IS hard being on the edge of our seats, isn’t it!

Fortunately for the Maidsafe team @fergish keeps us distracted with his podcasts. Hoping for a new one today actually :smile:

Will be a little late on this one. But should be interesting when it comes.

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