Number of Partitions in a High-Capacity HDD

Several months ago, I foolishly purchased a 4TB HDD, thinking bigger was better within the MadiSafe network. After following this forum, I have now learned that 128GB will probably be the optimum size, at least initially. I would like to repartition my drive from 1 (current number of partitions) to 16 or 32 partitions so that my node can contain more vaults with maximum utilization, rather than having most of the drive sitting idle. I would also like to do this over the next 2-3 weeks so that my HDD is ready prior to the end of the next sprint. I don’t want to risk losing any MAID data if I later need to reformat or repartition my drive. So, is my thinking right here, or am I making more bad assumptions? For my other computers, I am purchasing 128GB flash drives.

Many vaults should co-exist in the one filesystem. No need to create that many partitions.

Thanks for your reply @neo. Should I leave it alone then with just a single partition? The drive is connected to a computer that will be dedicated solely to supporting the MaidSafe network.

we all dont know the details yet. you will probably be able to run several instances maybe with multiple data directories for every instance. just calm down a bit until the details are settled and until actual end-user software appears.

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For the test vaults, people have reported that using linux they simply open a terminal window and run another vault. For your disk size the limit will not be the disk, but overheads in the software, memory, cpu usage and bandwidth. I would expect though many vaults can be run at the same time since they are lean on memory & cpu usage.

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You need just 1 partition.

Awesome!!! Then I have at least two computers now ready to go and more on the way. Thanks everyone for the input.

I hope you have not already purchased extra just for farming. Farming does not scale like bitcoin mining does. It works very much differently and expensive gear does not equate to increased profits like mining does.

I’d hold off until you have evaluated the rewards with your current gear. Its unlikely to be profitable to purchase expensive gear just for farming. Especially when the network is small.

Based on your evaluation then you can decide if using what you have is best or spending more is better.