NRS and transfer


if someone registers a domain name with their account can that be transferred to someone else?
What happened when that person is longer able to maintain that site?

Transfer of ownership will be possible unless it is explicitly disallowed. I don’t think there are plans to disallow this.

Has ownership change for ADs been implemented yet @happybeing ?

As @happybeing said transferring domain Names should be allowed, I have not heard of it being disallowed. Just requires that changing ownership of the registration AD be allowed.

Which person.

The original person who registered the name still has the site after the transfer since the AD is pointing to their files. The person who the registration is transferred to needs to update the AD so it then points to their files.

Only the owner of the registration AD can transfer ownership so if they stop updating the site then the name registration and site remain as is.

The registration AD will contain all changes done to the AD so people can go back to the site of the original person by using a previous change (or original data) to the AD

I don’t think so, certainly not at the ffi API level, not sure what support is present in the client libraries or vaults but I would not expect this for a while.

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Until that is implemented then NRS name transfers is not really possible. You can give the password to the account with the ownership to another but that is not really a suitable method of transfer

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