Norse Cyber Attack Map

Norse Cyber Attack Map

Norse Dark Intelligence

Every second, Norse collects and analyzes live threat intelligence from darknets in hundreds of locations in over 40 countries. The attacks shown are based on a small subset of live flows against the Norse honeypot infrastructure, representing actual worldwide cyber attacks by bad actors. At a glance, one can see which countries are aggressors or targets at the moment, using which type of attacks (services-ports).

Hovering over the ATTACK ORIGINS, ATTACK TARGETS, or ATTACK TYPES will highlight just the attacks emanating from that country or over that service-port respectively. Hovering over any bubble on the map, will highlight only the attacks from that location and type. Press S to toggle table sizes.

Norse exposes its threat intelligence via high-performance, machine-readable APIs in a variety of forms. Norse also provides products and solutions that assist organizations in protecting and mitigating cyber attacks.

Norse maintains the world’s largest dedicated threat intelligence network.

With over eight million sensors that emulate over six thousand applications – from Apple laptops, to ATM machines, to critical infrastructure systems, to closed-circuit TV cameras - the Norse Intelligence Network gathers data on who the attackers are and what they’re after.

Norse delivers that data through the Norse Appliance, which pre-emptively blocks attacks and improves your overall security ROI, and the Norse Intelligence Service, which provides professional continuous threat monitoring for large networks.

Very cool, but what does it mean?

It means that the US can justify its claims that China is an aggressive hacker, and can implement any cyber laws they want after an “attack”.

Updated the post and changed the map link to one with more interactivity…it’s quite resource intensive

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Interactive propaganda.

If this site was showing anything that could incriminate the US Government it’d be shut down in a heartbeat. So just keep that in mind when are looking at this and understand it’s a most likely a very restricted view of what’s going on.


How have you reached this conclusion? :slight_smile:

Ah yes…a marketing tool…must have been a ‘sponsored’ article that I sourced this from.

Thanks for that.

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