New ways to get Windows updates are telling

It’s interesting that there’s a new option how to download Windows updates:

Another novelty (I guess?) is that for non-corporate Windows one has to login and authenticate with a MS ID (I use Hotmail).

If you combine these two with their acceptance of bitcoin…


God, I sincerely hope Microsoft doesn’t try to get on the SAFE Network’s turf. I have zero doubt in my mind that if they made a similar product it would have backdoors up the wazoo and would have draconian limitations on what you could do with the data.
And of course Microsoft would retain the right to snoop on any data you upload or otherwise transmit or consume through the network.

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Well like I said you can’t (as far as I can tell) log in without identifying yourself with your email address.
If you fart loudly, they can tell what ingredient in your lunch caused it (or maybe the root cause was that six pack from last night). That’s the “Siri” (or whatever the MS equivalent is called) part, which listens if you enable it.

There’s a wizard where you can disable what’s collected - there’s like 10 switches. I disabled most, but I left some (to auto-submit bugs, etc.). It’s not worse than Google - most of what Google has (like recording your searches, “accelerating” your browsing and similar crap), Windows 10 has too.

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I personally used a spam address and a false name last week when installing Windows 8. Btw, during installation I chose “customize options” and had to turn off about 6 checkboxes that basically came down to “spy on everything I do and do with the information whatever you want”. I never felt so upset before with Microsoft, realizing how many people will have Windows 8 (or higher) installed with the “Express” options. It’s like they’re competing with Facebook to be NSA’s bestie.


And you wonder why I stick with Windows 7. Windows 8 is GROOOOOSSSSS. Seriously if I can play Starcraft II on it I’m happy. And that’s pretty much the only reason I use windows at all is to game. Otherwise I’ll stick with Linux.

I had to program a prototype application with a Kinect v2, which only runs on Windows 8. My notebook could use a full wipe anyway, so I figured rather than using a VM I’d just install Windws 8.1 as my main OS. After switching back to a classic start menu, I don’t think Windows 8.1 is that bad (so far). It’s just that the default privacy options are horrific.

But yeah, let’s hope OpenGL’s development will make Linux a serious competitor in the gaming scene, I definitely believe it will make a difference in overall OS usage.