New here: few questions

  1. Will the file / all writes be stored in one directory/ folder or scattered around my computer / hidden?

  2. Can I leave my mined safe coin rewards on my computer? Will it act as a wallet? Barely any wallet supports SafeCoin and OmniWallet doesn’t even have a good UI so might as well leave it on my computer.

  3. Can I set the amount of storage available to lend?

Thanks. I am dumb. Pls be nice. I’m just a kid with a Mac.

  1. The file is broken up into chunks and stored all over the Safe Network. If you are running a Safe Node it might have a chunk of the file you stored, but it wouldn’t store all the chunks.

  2. It’s not Safe Coin any longer, it’s the Safe Network Token. The Safe Network Token will only exist on the Safe Network. The tokens aren’t stored on your computer at all. Ownership of a token will be assigned to whatever address you setup in the configuration.

  3. Yes.

Please ask if you need anything clarified.


I will only add that this applies to all tokens, coins and bitcoin. They never leave the network in which they were created. What we call a wallet is actually a keychain that stores the key with which you can order tokens to move from one address to another.


Just to be certain, seems you know because you mention omni but it is MAID that is currently in circulation, any SafeCoin you may find out there is not associated with this project.


Can I put everything in one folder in an external SSD? And have that SSD serve the network

lmao xd damn. Ok, so the safest way to join the boat is to just mine and keep the token the configured address?

Not quite.
You can buy MAID at Bittrex Global.

MAID will be converted to SNT (Safe Network Token) when the network goes live.

Safecoin (old name) = SNT (new name) but does not exist yet.

We may have some test SNT in the near future.

Search the forum for how to store MAID. You will find good info.


Ok. To mine safe coin would I need a dedicated miner or just my nvda 2080 gpu can work?

A decent internet connection and a pc. No GPU. Hope’s are even phones eventually.


Mining is different on the Safe Network. You get earn Safe Network Tokens when the node you are running successfully serves up a chunk of data.

EDIT: I’ve now confused myself and think I stated that wrong. You’ll get paid when you successfully store a chunk of data???

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You can run a node on a pc and earn SNT Safe Network Token by providing diskspace to the network.

Separately you can use the network to store data in perpetuity by paying a onetime fee in the form of SNT.

So yes, you can use an Ssd to provide diskspace to the network but uploading a folder would be a separate process.


As far as I understand the latest changes you get paid while storing the data over time. The section’s wallet pays everyone proportionately over time.

I thought there were rewards for both storing and serving. Basically, if you can’t serve up the data then it would mean you aren’t still storing it.

You are rewarded for serving successfully requested data.

This implies you were storing and thus implies the rewards also go towards storing the data. But you are not specifically rewarded for storing it. There was some discussions and maybe there will be something done there, but since a lot of data is stored and barely read means your rewards for serving data is paying to store that other data too.

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Two parts to this.

a. you storing data on the Safe Network - this data is stored on other nodes after being split up into chunks. It prob never see any of it on your disk drive.

b. Other people who are storing data will have their data stored on various nodes across the network. At some stage some of that data from everyone else will see some chinks stored on your computer.

As has been mentioned, wallets only store the keys to the address the coins exist on and the actual coins/tokens are data stored on the respective network (Be it the BTC network or the Safe network). SafeCoin is renamed to SafeNetwork Token to reflect its actual existence as a token to buy resources.

Safe Network does not do mining. To earn the token (SNT) you are rewarded for successfully retrieving chunks from the store of chunks the network asked you to store. This is unlike mining which is doing crypto maths (usually on a GPU) to validate transactions etc.

No wallet exists that supports SNT (nee SafeCoin) in the wild since SNT (nee SafeCoin) has never existed yet, except as a test token on a testing network.

There are 2 at least coins out there with SafeCoin as their “name”, one is a from a group with some sort of crypto project and others faking either it or the SafeNetwork in name only. I am wondering if you came here from reading about one of the other “SafeCoin” projects which do use crypto mining.

Safe Network is primarily a data storage network using a token to buy resources and be rewarded for retrieving data. It uses crypto algorithms to keep the token safe on the network, but is not a crypto project since it does not do the “mining” or “blockchain” ledger that a crypto project does.

There will be certain things to consider here and may change that some minimums and maximums will be set by the Network itself as its running. But at this time you set the amount of storage you want to provide for your node.

An external SSD will work fine. Suggest that it has a USB 3.0 interface to get the advantage of the speed of a SSD. Successful serving of chunks will require your node responds reasonably fast so a slow external drive/interface may reduce the amount of rewards you would otherwise get. (Note the use of “may” as its not a definite)

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Hi. I’ll probably cause some confusion, but reading other people’s answers I thought that you might have asked something else. Actually, node’s files are stored in a folder. Under Linux it’s ~/.safe/node, so a sort of “hidden”. It’s all encrypted and the content is not guaranteed to be your data or other people’s data, you never know what’s inside. And yes, you can copy that folder to external SSD and configure your node to use this folder.

The possibility of Safecoin farming seems to be getting closer … Having not acquired the maid for a while, I have saved a sum to get a good team. Could you help me to know the characteristics that a good team must have in order to do it well? Is one good team better than two not so good teams? I would appreciate help in this regard. On the other hand, will there be tutorials that explain the procedure? Thanks in advance.

By teams do you mean farming equipment such as an computer?

If so, I am not really sure what will work best yet.
I think we will all learn more when a test network with rewards becomes available for us to experiment with.
I would say a good stable and decent internet connection is a good start.
In terms of hardware and multiple nodes on a single machine I would honestly only be guessing.

Perhaps somebody who knows better could chime in.

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How do you define a not so good setup. Yes one expects that a faster machine will do better, but actual location might affect things more. For instance if you live in NYC with millions of people living close then you’d expect to have a better lag time due to plenty of nodes in the city and more rewards than a computer in outback Australia with satellite connection and high lag times to everywhere.

Thus the real fast computer/storage in the outback Australia will likely get less rewards than a so-so machine in NYC

But as you say @Josh we need to test these things and there might be some other conditions that affect things

A difference in 5-10mSecs to access storage and put on the wire does not mean much if your average lag time to the elders in your section is 50mSec