New app; Databases; Java developers


I have an app that is ideally suited to the MaidSafe environment and the next iteration of development I hope will coincide with a testable developer network version of MaidSafe or at least the live, wild version sometime later. Basically the next iteration of the app is going to need conversion from a Java serialisation data storage model to a more conventional DB model. My own experience has been mostly with PostgreSQL but I am thinking that a NoSQL environment might be better and so have been looking at those options for some months. Anyway, I am going to need another Java developer so this note is really a “heads-up” - anyone who thinks they might be able to do some (paid) Java work for me, and who is also committed to the MaidSafe paradigm - please get in touch with me.

When I have made a bit more progress with this latest development exercise, I will release more info on the app here on the general forum for general consumption - we are in exciting times!