Neu Coin new crypto, launch this summer

Is this cryto currency a competitor? Why or why not?

Maid has no competition. Maid is not a currency maid is an asset. Neucoin looks like it is centrally planned.


Exactly, I have to agree with @Secretariat415 here. Amongst the hundreds and hundreds of crypto coins currently trying to compete with Bitcoin and with each other, the SAFE Network, hosting the SAFEcoin and being a groundbreaking building platform never seen before, it is the most ambitious project I have ever seen in crypto land.

Every time I hit a homepage of a new coin, I never see something special, something interesting, or something REALLY new. Iā€™m afraid in 5-10 years 95%, if not more, of these crypto coins will be dead, or almost dead. That includes NeuCoin. Based on vision, ambition, management, dev team and enthousiast community, I can only see Bitcoin, Ethereum, MaidSafe and a few others survive in the long run.