Net Neutrality: How will the new policies against net neutrality work for the Safe Network?

This is one of the unpredicted situations that I talked about may happen. If safenetwork were to launch and the bandwidth cost suddenly increased, data reduancy could be seriously at stake.

I proposed the current model needs changing so that even if anything happens it’ll basically let the people who are currently storing data pay for it, and not from new people storing data(as with a situation such as this new people storing data on the network could seriously reduce as they lose faith in the network) . Most vocal people have disagreed that the safenetwork model should change but I urge you to reconsider.

Anyway my thread is here if you want to have a look - The safenetwork as is right now is technically logically inconsistent with it’s philosophy. Safenetwork sustainability concerns - Bandwidth has an ongoing cost however Safenetwork is a pay once, benefit forever model