Microsoft files against US DOJ

Separately, Microsoft filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice that said “Over the past 18 months, federal courts have issued nearly 2,600 secrecy orders silencing Microsoft from speaking about warrants and other legal process seeking Microsoft customers’ data; of those, more than two-thirds contained no fixed end date … These twin developments — the increase in government demands for online data and the simultaneous increase in secrecy — have combined to undermine confidence in the privacy of the cloud and have impaired Microsoft’s right to be transparent with its customers, a right guaranteed by the First Amendment.”

This I think is critical to realize. Usage of Microsoft leads to a massive compromise of privacy. It is clear that when a company such as MSFT admits to infringing on people’s rights in conspiracy with the US govt. It’s a serious issue.

When they surveil people’s data, they don’t know what they’re going to find. Even something like… surveil-ers would be able to snoop around, and then get an “AHA” moment once in a while… so that company is going to have an excellent return this year;;; and that agent goes ahead and buys up CALLS on that company’s stock or something to that effect.

I think this takes place more frequently than not, and is also difficult to enforce. In my estimation the server architecture has been deliberately perpetuated through govt stimulus in companies that collect and steal data. I think that a vast majority of the landscape in investments is also tainted with govt support to strictly perpetuate the grips of privacy theft, and ultimately theft of property and resources.

When hearing of … MSFT and block chain I just feel that it is a disservice not a gain for that group that MSFT adopted their object.

It is in the best interest to put data sinking behemoth companies to rest. Including microsoft OS; After these considerations (govt perpetuating) it is not surprising how few people are exposed to better alternatives like Ubuntu; macs are too expensive for the greater mass of people.
Even Apple can;t keep up with its own cloud service, although commendable how they try hard enough to figure out if their compromised or not.


different strokes for different folks :slight_smile:

In reality, the status quo of data security etc; what are politicians doing? they are fighting to justify the success of NSA to compromise the planet’s data.

Maybe that is their role in the universe to put the whole system in check: attack encryption in any way that they can to gather information and their success just proves that most of the people are doing things the wrong way.

Like an ethical hacker; when SAFE emerges, could it be? their influence and power over regular people and regular activities will reduce at least normalize?

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Poland joins Hungary in planning stringent anti-terrorism laws Poland joins Hungary in planning stringent anti-terrorism laws in wake of Brussels attacks | News | DW | 24.03.2016

Isn’t just that terrorism against their own citizens?? This surveillance of personal datas; There’s also the possibility that these laws and activities are just for perception also. DO they really have enough time and resource to spy on 3.4 billion people and that number is growing??


i’m pretty sure IBM and EMC are more than happy to sell them the hardware and consulting services to make that happen :wink:

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This is very true, the chilling effect. But in reality all they do is make people learn ways to hide their private conversations.

The terrorists really don’t care about data retention. They either use stolen accounts/phones or are dead long before any authority knows to look.

Australia recently enacted data retention laws for meta-data and likely to use terrorism again to increase it to retention of content. SAFE will certainly scramble their attempts to make heads or tails of the meta-data and never any useful content. It will fill up their logs with all the contacts made. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And realise that these companies that use their OS to data collect (Win10) make these statements, its not because they value their customer’s privacy, but because some surveys have shown that customers are leaving because of the ease the government can access their data. Also the cost to MS to service these secrecy orders will be another factor

I will not be running a Win 10 machine (except for testing purposes) and linux will be my only platform once Win7 has lost its usefulness.

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The latest encryption bill proposal by Senators Dianne Feinstein and Richard Burr would make obfuscating regular metadata a criminal act.

Do you think 7 is safer from clearnet snooping than 8.1?

8.1 seems to be reasonable, just turn off what you can and do not use a Microsoft login account. But Win 10 was like a snoopers charter implemented. Supposedly you can turn off the snooping in Win10 but from memory they require non-domain logins to use a microsoft account.

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They would do it with AI, AI is self culling search. @Janitor, see worst fears confirmed.

I don’t understand this super lying bastard rabid police state crap. I think its the SI stuff, it has them spooked out of their minds. All the creepy time eye stuff. If you take the digital physics stuff seriously you know it would sneak up on you with more deadly efficiency than facism or anything else. It would be a fall down the rabbit hole you couldn’t see approaching, the ground would just give way. Surprise I am home!
I think the trigger is literally just the full realization, you wake up and its on.

We can criticize MS all we want but they just set precedent for telling them to F off. Maybe the execs should just secretly erase all the MS servers, and back ups of all the products and initiate a dump of all the stock and lay everyone off. That would send a message. They could simply tell the government you’ve killed our business you bail out the people you’ve screwed over.

I had a bit of trouble following, but I don’t think Microsoft is actually opposed to a corporate oligarchy, technocracy, a police state, etc. I think the meaning is lost when looking at these issues in isolation, instead of the broader context.

I think they are doing PR because they realize that appearing to be working with tyrannical measures might present a problem to their business. I think they want to reassure everyone that they are trying to protect their customers. Bill Gates is a big-time globalist so I take it that his philosophy is pretty heavily ingrained in his company culture. I’m skeptical of Ray Kurzweil’s futurist ideas, who is now working at Google, another computer/intelligence/surveillance behemoth. I think the extent that Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple appear to resist current governments is the extent that they are pushing toward the next control paradigm of technocracy. They want to be the new rulers, once national sovereignty is sufficiently diluted and becomes archaic in the victims minds.

The current progress of this movement, Technocracy, is the many public/private partnerships and regional unelected government councils that are being setup throughout the US and elsewhere in the world. For example, my town has totally changed its zoning laws and regulations to be in line with Agenda 21, is building little corporate sites where apartments and shops are on top of each other, etc. The same exact plans are being created in most cities and counties in the US. So a slow transformation is being built from local regulations up, just to summarize Technocracy and the Agenda 21 program. I am for sustainability, but these programs coopt that word to mean something different. And this has strayed a bit off the topic I realize.

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