MeetUp Sofia, June 29-30 at 11 AM – 7 PM

Hello friends,

on June 29-30 at 11 AM – 7 PM I will be in Kino Cabana in the National Palace of Culture to promote SAFE:

Come to receive a free SAFE postcard and SAFE calendar :slight_smile:


Since you are giving away free things, why not have some free food as well? You could buy some pizzas or have some beer. Or, to spend less money, just give a away mini-size candy bars.

Here’s a wild idea. Bake some brownies and create a large paper with the Maidsafe logo in it, or some other promo material. Then you could cut the paper and the brownies into squares, and wrap the brownies in the custom paper. Or, if that is complicated, just have the Maidsafe promo material printed on bags and put the brownies in the bags when you give them out.

Never underestimate the power of free food.


This is a great idea! I have a friend who produces chocolate with honey, when I have more money I will take advantage of your idea and I will do the first promo SAFE chocolate! :stuck_out_tongue:


Mmmmm! Yummy! Does this guy ship his stuff?

It could be like a Maidsafe standard! How much money would you need?

You could bring out the good stuff from him first, while supplies last. Then bring out the cheap chocolate for the people that show up late. Don’t spend too much money, you will attract freeloaders.

Another thing you could do is raffle off a prize. Raffles are always fun. That will also save you money. Instead of giving out chocolate to everyone who shows up, raffle out one box at the end of the meetup.

Remember you are not only a teacher, you are also an entertainer. Your meetup should be part dignified and intellectual Maidsafe presentation, and part circus. The exact mixture is up to you.

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No, delivery to America will be very expensive :frowning:

I’ll try your idea with the raffle immediately :slight_smile:

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“with prizes” 20 chars

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Yes, the Bulgarian version will be properly written :wink:


Unfortunately, I have varicella … And this event is canceled

Have a speedy recovery!