Meet MaidSafe Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hello, MaidSafe community, I am from Buenos Aires Capital, in the form of a proposal I would like to know if there are people from Argentina or Latin America, who are interested in forming a group and being able to discuss this project more fially,

Greetings and have a good weekend.

WhatsApp: +5491133700285


NIce, bro . I am adding you to my whatsapp account :slight_smile:


Kinda odd seeing WhatsApp user on a forum about SAFE networking. Does this mean all those niggly privacy/security issues with WhatsApp have been ironed out?

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HI bull run… why is that odd?: it is the most popular way to keep in touch with people around here… Do you think Trump is reading what we talk about ? … :sweat_smile:

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it’s been a while since they adopted Axolotl

Sorry, I haven’t looked at it since the deluge of headlines about its lack of security/privacy. Unencrypted backups, FB data sharing, compromised encryption - I don’t even recall ALL the issues, but they weren’t trivial, and were enough for me to weigh up whether I needed it or not - and, for me, the scale tipped over to ‘not’.

All your bases are belong to Trump :wink: