MaidSafe's SAFE Network Explain Like I'm Five (ELI5)

For people Googling and looking for a simple explainer in the non-video format can we get some explanations below please.

Today’s internet puts all the files on servers. Servers suck :stuck_out_tongue: they are like keeping all your files in one big treasure chest that hackers can open pretty easily, and steal everything. Governments can plunder the treasure chest too in many ways, or destroy them if they don’t like what’s inside. No matter how many locks you try to put on your treasure chest, crafty pirates will always find ways to plunder the booty!!

So instead, MaidSafe is making a way to take all the files on the whole internet (let’s call them gold coins / dubloons) and make super strong, super tiny treasure chests for each gold dubloon, and spread them around all the hidden parts of the deep blue sea. They do this by chopping up all the files, encrypting them, and spreading them across everyone’s computers. So no matter how crafty the evil pirates are, the only ones who know where all these mini-treasure chests are and have all the keys is you!

No pirate is going to sail all the oceans of the world and fight all the sea monsters to get your one dubloon.

So finally, your files can be safe!


Imagine using a cloud service without having to pay anyone monthly.
Imagine if you could have access to your files 24/7 without paying Google, Amazon or Dropbox, but from sharing spare resources from people like yourself.
Imagine such cloud distributed all over the internet, and yet you and only you have access to it.

Imagine using not only storage of files, but every service of the internet in such a fashion: videoconference, chat, email, private messenger, website hosting, etc…
No caps, no censorship, anonymous and secure.

An internet for the people by the people.
That’s MaidSafe’s SafeNetwork.



Not a whole floor of computers, like the one your uncle has shown you?

When he said, “this is the cloud”?

It’s just other people’s computers you can use too. From a distance.

And very safe, no one can take your stuff away from you. Now eat your sandwich.


Excellent replies guys.

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So gooood :slight_smile: love it. thanks mate. Even a 3 year old can understand that.



Reading it again, I missed a great opportunity to talk about your own password creating a “pirate’s treasure map” that nobody else knows, and tells where your mini treasure chests are. But oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Would make a really cool story book idea one day :slight_smile: The “Troon Dubloons!” or “MaidSafe Pirates Save the Internet.” Marketing to kids too :smiley:


Yeah get them started young. Imagine what wonders kids born in the 21st century will achieve with the privacy, & security provided through decentralization. Not just for the internet but for almost anything you can imagine. It is getting harder and harder for governments and corporations to steal from the poor and middle class day by day. I honestly see decentralization as a revolution to the world of information. The biggest since the internet itself. Using simple methods like this to teach people, even adults about this stuff is productive. Yesterday I spent an hour on the Google programming game that was made for kids and it kept me busy for so long it made me have to think pretty hard. Wasn’t as easy as I’d thought but it was fun and I learned something. Much better than University textbooks. I’m sure there’s a huge market out there right now for explanations on all these ICO’s and networks that explained it in an easy way with different versions for adults and kids. Is there anybody already doing that?

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