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I just read this post on the Ethereum blog and I wanted to share this quote which I think is relevant to the MaidSafe project.

Originally, when the idea behind Ethereum was conceived in November, the intent was for it to be a simple “altcoin” (in fact, a meta-protocol on top of Primecoin) with a scripting language built in. Over time, however, as we realized the project’s potential our scope necessarily grew, and our current intent is to release a flagship product called the “EtherBrowser:” a browser that can browse both the old-school Internet and the decentralized web (Web 3.0).

I guess it’s probably too early to start working on a MaidSafe browser but it’s something we should keep at the top of our minds. It would make it a lot easier for app developers to build beautiful and responsive cross-platform apps that can link to each other.

I’ve read the other discussions on this subject, but they don’t talk about a timeline, just that it would be nice to do one eventually. I think we should follow the example of Ethereum and make the browser a core feature of the network, something that will be available for the official launch. Developers could still write native apps of course, but most apps would be made for the MaidSafe browser. Although I’m a web developer, not a C++ developer, I’d like to help as much as I can with making a browser than can browse both the world wide web and the MaidSafe network.

I know the MaidSafe team has plenty of things to do, so perhaps the community will have to develop the browser. I think we should start organizing a team to work on this project.


I’m also a web & C# developer for 14ish years and I want to see this happen. I did a bit of C++ when I was learning to program and I will do what I can.

I’m wondering how all these browsers and systems (bitcoin, etheriim, maidsafe, mastercoin, the mainstream internet, etc) willl fit together.

COWL might be relevant. It’s a soon to be released plugin that improves browser security using containment (EDIT)

Some details here:

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Thanks4sharing @happybeing.

@frabrunelle if you need donations to get the browser done, count me in as supporter