Maidsafe at the Bay Area Rust Meet-Up July 2015

I was just watching the presentation by Paige and heard her saying this (around 1:14:00):

I believe it’s still in the plans, to kind of enforce a small amount of payment in terms of creating an account or a node

Can anyone elaborate on this or explain what the potential plans are?


Account create has to be free (so you get a wallet address) but you cannot upload any data (you do not need an account to browse).

These will be accounts that may last 20 min’s or so and require a safecoin to be lodged to make it permanent. So this gets around spamming and waste.

The issue of concern is getting safecoin into folks hands quickly and easily though. There are many ways to do this but the Engineers are flat out getting the machinery in place. So twitter/facebook etc. giveaways and such like can be considered. This is a good part for the community to really work on and help to get right. The mechanics are easy enough and we can handle them.


@Melvin Thanks for sharing the video dude

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So you can browse the network without an account, without a login? Just like the normal internet? Just use a SAFE-browser and you’re good to go?? So an account is only needed to run Apps and use a wallet and PUT data to the network?

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Yes you can :smiley:


How would this work. I install the SAFE-client once, and make it run automatically at startup? So no Vault is installed, just a client at the background which joins the network? So it has to create a public and private key to join a group for routing. Is there a new PKI created randomly when I start my computer? And when the client is running in the background, this is where the firefox-addon will come in isn’t it? It will make Firefox support safe:websites next to the normal URL’s. But I can’t join any of the safe:websites when I only browse SAFEnet without a login, is that correct? And when I want to use an account for SAFE, routing will just provide me a personal file, so now I actually have an identity on SAFE, and that’s where I can use Apps and PUT data to the network.

Sorry for all the questions, but it’s all quite cool when I think about it. Opens up a lot of opportunities :smile:

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It’s even simpler than that, clients do not need to sign for Get requests which can (and will be) just random identifiers changing every time, connecting to different relay nodes every time etc. Very hard to know where they will appear and vanish again so nice safe browsing.

You are correct in that you will not be able to join sites until you use a proper ID (you can remember) in the client. You could anonymously connect though with a temp ID (which you keep secret)


I thought there was a point in doing this to make it more expensive to flood the network with nodes. Is that accurate?

Yes a registered account (which we require payment for) is network state. So ensuring this is paid means the network is fine with that (as farmers are paid). So now we have removed the requirement for client packet Id’ and have managed to include the id as a public_key embedded in messages. Now these can be identified and accounts created if they are paid for.

When accounts are not paid for (not required) then it’s possible for folks to use any method they want to hold their keys. It’s going to be much simpler to use the client proper as you can then add and mutate data (send messages). For just browsing though these are not needed and it even allows other client types to exist. So very flexible, faster and much more efficient (way less code and network messages to).