List of websites on SAFEnetwork(Safe sites)?

Struggle to find a list where all sites on safe is listed for people to view. Why isn’t this information up on…



Here what is available at the moment: List of Websites/Safesites & WebIDs (Community Resources).


Because these sites are from the community, not from Maidsafe.

I think the category of this topic could be changed to community for better discoverability.


Also added tags website and webid.
Remember the first post of that topic is a wiki, so everyone of user level 1 (or is it 2) can edit it.
Also if you’ve user level 2 or 3 you can change the title, I think.


I know that. but no reason they can’t put some community sites up or put some demo sites themselves(which is even better) to show people what is possible.

While I agree that the more that can be demonstrated the better, most users visiting the new website will have no ability to access the safe:// domains. So it will serve no benefit and likely cause confusion. It may be fruitful to list a few example domains without a hyperlink and include a screenshot of the page. Then provide a link to clear instructions showing “You Too Can Have Your Own Custom URL (WebID or whatever) & Build This In Under 2 minutes” . This would be tantalizing for newcomers.

I don’t agree this info or the efforts of the community should be reserved for the “community”. That’s just not well thought.

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