List of crypto newssites, podcasts, etc

I was wondering where you get your info and news about all things crypto from? Of what other newssites do you know? I’d like to make a small list.

It could be used for safenet marketing. Also, it’s hard for me to find interesting, quality news out there, especially about crypto. So personally I will be very thankful for any suggestions. If you won’t do it for SAFE, do it for me :heart_eyes:

Please do your due dilligence, not all news is true news.

The Dash Times
The Merkle
Bitcoin Magazine
Inside Bitcoins
Cointelegraph Careful, various false articles!

Epicenter Bitcoin
The Ether Review
Alex Fortin Podcasts
The Bitcoin Podcast
The Crypto Show
Coin Interview


I find Bitcoinmagazine to be the best source of info, especially articles by Kyle Torpey or Aaron van Wirdum. Also Insidebitcoins and the epicenter podcast usually has a good selection of guests. Other podcasts like Let’s Talk Bitcoin or the Crypto Show are a lot more mixed, when Andreas Antonopoulis is on LTB, for example, the quality of the discussion is a lot higher.

SAFE is definitely under the radar when it comes to mentions on news sites and podcast. I think there was probably a lot of excitement around the time of the original crowdsale, but I really think a lot of people have now written it off. Can’t help but feel this is one reason the equity raise is struggling to gain momentum. I also think it will be a major shock to the community at large when the network finally goes live.


BTCManager is also a quality newssite for cryptocurrencies.

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Agree… there is a few things on the horizon for BNK and Nick says they are looking at some tuneups on the pitch so lets not start thinking obituary


Thanks, I added them.

One thing I wanted to mention regarding News: Couple of weeks ago I stumbled over an article describing the insolvency of Genesis Mining (, a cloud mining operation in scandinavian countries. The article was quite long, and even cited (iirc) the ceo or so.
Surprised about the “news”, I looked at their site and there was NOTHING whatsoever suggesting they were shutting down. In contrast, they had just announced some news about expanding.
So basically the article was completely and utterly wrong. So whatever you read, check it yourself. Theres self-certified journalists out there that seem to survive in such an unregulated crypto environment.

Most new projects have Slack channels where you can find out whats going on before it makes it into crypto news channels, many have their own forums, like this one. has been getting better guests lately and is well worth listening in. offers quality interviews and insights. has a lot of fluff but is entertaining to those with an anarchist bent.
Some projects like NEM and BTS have lively Telegram groups.

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This channel is good for ALTs, interviews with Devs etc…

I’v just seen a new video (en français) in the ‘Paf LeGeek’ - Youtube channel, where they try to explain MaidSafe: - YouTube

I just stumbled upon this video via Twitter, not that I follow this channel.
My french isn’t perfect, but I understand most of it.
One thing that is told in this video: SAFE is using Blockchain…
I’ve explained this error, in french, in the comments section of that video.