Linked data on the SAFE Network


Just watched this amazing TED talk by Tim Berners-Lee about linked data, and how revolutionizing it would be for the Internet. Has it been thought of to integrate linked data on the SAFE Network? If so, I really do think that this network would have great advantages over the current Internet. Here we actually have a huge use-case for the SAFE Network.

TED talk: Tim Berners-Lee: The next Web of open, linked data - YouTube


SAFEnetwork makes it easier to implement Linked Data than on the internet because it is already a database, a key-value store.

You can implement websites and apps on top of this, but what underlies it, is exactly what you need to implement Linked Data.

So anyone who wants to implement Linked Data can just do it.

The only drawback is that SAFEnetwork is not part of the current internet, so the two will initially not be able to link to reach others data, at least not easily, so Linked Data on SAFEnetwork will be separate and starting from scratch (same with websites and apps), but with all the benefits of a secure, accessible decentralised internet.


I hardly see this as a drawback :smiley: :wink: