Link to the Alpha 2 press release on


It has begun :smiling_imp:


“We’re delighted to announce the next milestone for the SAFE Network, which has required a methodical and rigorous approach at all times to ensure we are protecting data from the outset,” said David Irvine, founder and CEO, MaidSafe. “We have made a huge investment in time and resources to get to this point, which we believe has given us a unique technical advantage. The SAFE Network is based on over 11 years R&D, 20 granted patents and 12 pending and 19 test networks. We’re confident, that unlike the blockchain alternatives, our network is the first and only autonomous one that can protect data.”


:stuck_out_tongue: Anyone know how to view your forum level? Trying to get to forum level 1 so I can get an invite but not sure how to qualify for one or check, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Jonzilla,

If you click on your icon and go to your profile, you should be able to see your “Trust Level”. Right now it says “New user” which is trust level 0. Once it says “Basic user”, you’ll be at trust level 1. You’ll get there naturally enough by spending some time here and reading some different threads

Click the bars by your profile pick in the top right, then click users.

You’ll then see your detailed stats. Change the date range to get them all instead of just this past week.

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Wow, thanks for the tip and quick response all :slight_smile:


Liking that a lot! Like the blockchain, but better, is a good marketing angle.