LIFE IS PEOPLE #82 Travis Remington - Health SAFE - Self Care is the New Health Care

Travis @MrAnderson has been a healer for the last 20 years, but his passion has been in computerized technology. Almost immediately after reading @dirvine initial white papers in April of 2014, Travis saw the potential of combining two loves and started growing the idea of Health SAFE. He thinks the US Veteran Affair’s two billion dollar open source electronic medical record system is perfect to be leveraged onto the SAFE network.

Travis has slowly transformed his life towards projects that empower the individual. The most interesting project to him right now is developing the PTTP (Power To The People) protocol, which will be a combination of a mesh hardware network node, street light, EV charge station that is all powered by solar panels/wind-turbine on roofs and in streets/sidewalks. Travis is using his community as the proof of concept and is already powering his entire home and EV Charge-station and car with home roof solar panels. The PTTP resource exchange medium will be Safecoin (Backed by computer resources), run on the SAFE network, and controlled by a Decentralized Autonomous Community Cooperative (DOCC).

Huge S/O to @MrAnderson for an inspiring conversation

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A big thank you to @we_advance for helping me overcome one of my biggest fears (public speaking). My mouth and brain often do not work together when I’m nervous, which usually leads me to saying awkward things (Sure tonight was no exception :flushed:). It was actually a lot of fun and liberating.

Thanks to Tim for shedding light on the potential of the SAFE network for communicating self-knowledge and self-empowerment for individual-driven health care.

I think I have the tag line: Health SAFE, Self Care is the New Health Care.

Nice job putting the donation address in your sig @we_advance. I will be sending some MAID your way! Honor to be your first donation


[quote=“MrAnderson, post:2, topic:5726”]
I think I have the tag line: Health SAFE, Self Care is the New Health Care.
[/quote] Great tag line ^^

step by step unleashing human potential

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As mentioned in conversation
The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video

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Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are triglycerides whose fatty acids have an aliphatic tail of 6–12 carbon atoms.[1]

The fatty acids found in MCTs are called medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). Like all triglycerides, MCTs are composed of a glycerol backbone and three fatty acids. In the case of MCTs, 2 or 3 of the fatty acid chains attached to glycerol are medium-chain in length.

Rich sources for commercial extraction of beneficial MCTs include palm kernel oil and coconut oil.



Collaborative Letter to Utah Medicaid

Yes, I believe sugar can be dangerous in large doses. And it’s difficult to cut down on the sugar intake because it’s almost like an addictive drug. Bruce Lipton said that we can eat all kinds of poisons without being affected but that requires a huge change in consciousness. With our ordinary consciousness too much sugar is unhealthy.

And the guest talked about fear and being trapped too much in the thinking mind. Absolutely true. Living “only in the moment” is dangerous too I believe because that causes an inner conflict with time. We need to be mindful of both the future and the present moment. How does thinking about time feel? If stressful, then we have an imbalance in the mind. And we have been conditioned to be stressed as hell in relation to time. The Time Maxtrix. It’ time to take the red pill. Not as in the Matrix movie when they said “time is always against us”. Instead, we need to develop the mindset of “I and time are one”.


@we_advance thanks for this, I listened today and appreciated the chance to hear from Travis.

@MrAnderson you come across as a great blend of human. Many things you said, particularly the things you’ve done and so report from experience, either sit very well with me or also follow my own experiences and learnings. You also articulate your thoughts and experiences very clearly - whatever the root of your difficulty with public speaking, you need not be afraid of how you come across.

Thanks for sharing. Personally I’m not ready to do this, but I appreciate those who have :smile:

One thought on revenue - don’t discount the value of Health Safe funding its own maintenance. It may or may not need it to get by, but it is worth considering.

Good luck!

Access To Health Records

Oh, and a note about access to your health records: in the UK you do have the right of access (assuming they haven’t lost them!).

I’ve used my right of access twice, and received everything I asked for including fully copies of x-rays etc. It isn’t free, but the charges are just for copying, so affordable for most people depending on what you want to see and the form it is kept in - it is not all in one place or in one format (a good thing IMO), though they are moving towards this (a bad thing IMO).

(What you don’t have is the right to control who else has access, which is a major problem for UK citizens, since government and corporations, not to mention criminals, are very keen to use this information for their own purposes with as little consideration for citizens’ own wishes as they can get away with.)


totally agree regarding the ‘right’ to access and therein lies the middle man. Yet another a meeting i missed where it was decided that there should be middle men between people and there records :slight_smile: if the system still has them :slight_smile:

it very inspiring to see people building decentralized solutions to areas of life where middle men are currently causing problems.

health SAFE - self care is the New Health Care

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Mindmap #82 @MrAnderson
[ink on paper]


Well, when it was our GP or hospital doctor making records about my health, and keeping them for use when treating me, I had no problem with them being custodian, and nor would anyone else I think. Who wants to be responsible for keeping several growing files throughout life and having the right one to hand when visiting a practitioner?

It became a problem when government and health service wanting to centralise this, and then deciding - oh, now we have all this delicious data on centralised computer systems we can do what we like with it - without consulting or caring about patients’ wishes. That’s where we failed to be considered, let alone consulted.


Wow you did that fast Tim! Thank you for sharing your talent.

I will use this thread to post links to projects people can join me in. I am at the “early stages” on a lot, but here they are:

Here is the 220 volt AC EV charger (Paid with bitcoin!) in my garage

I run a 29 panel 7.4 Kwh solar system. Here is what I want to use to power the PTTP ev-charger/mesh-SAFE-farmer station:

This a second version (still a work in progress) of a website I built for my uncle: He is in his eighties and still painting everyday and has been very inspirational to me. I have had him set up with a Bitcoin payment option for several years…no one has used it yet though!