LIFE IS PEOPLE #78 Dale Dickens -The Power of Networks

Dale’s passionate about OpenSource news, especially stories focused on building decentralised systems she also is one of the hosts of the Cypto-goss podcast - The podcast is run from Melbourne’s Bitcoin center which is always buzzing with people, sometimes they rope in the special ones to find out what’s happening with Australian project they discuss what’s happening with Bitcoin, the blockchain, investments, laws, regulation, scandal and drama that sometimes associates itself with cryptocurrencies. Their light hearted conversation includes listeners in what’s going on and who’s doing what in the dynamic world of this trending topic. They briefly touch on the top headlines, flesh out those they think are pivotal, and let people know how global news affects Australians. Crypto technology is spreading around the planet at a phenomenally fast pace, by regularly tuning in to this podcast you’ll be able to stay up to date with global and local develo​pments.

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The Bitcoin Doco


I really enjoyed watching the bitcoindoco, five stars, recommend checking it out!


@BitcoinRat #AussieRat gets his face on the screen at the very end

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The Bitcoin Rat visits the Bank of England

@optictopic @PeterRobertson

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