LIFE IS PEOPLE #58 Dr Imhotep Ishmael Al-Basiel - codestream labs


we discuss future APPs for the SAFEnetwork / coding / n99 / neuroscience / hacking / A.I / nature and much much more
Imhotep ,Ishmael Al-Basiel MSc. OMD.
Bio: Founder,CEO ,Software Project Manager,Team Leader of a Hack loveing team of 50+ WorldWide software developers , at the new internet Startup 金华缮妨水电安装有限公司 sanfrancisco Software Project Architect ,Acupuncturist ,Medical,Qigong Scientist, Chinese Medicine Professor 30 + years experience.Kemetic,Energy MedicineTrainer.MMA Coach,Yang TaiQi Combat Bagua instructor ( winner of the lord of the pit all miami world no holds bared fighting championship) 30 + years attained yinjin jing qigong training under shi dai chuan head of shaolin temple his 5 Degree Black Belt under sifu Russel Brown Direct linage student of the legendary Count Dante Black Dragon Fighting society.10 th dan golden Healing Red sash of Maat Khu Reki Linage Master- Ship Under Professor Albert wyatt El. To his suprise, he was Declared a Sufi Sheik By the late Sufi Mystic , Medi Korasani Friend/Advisor to President Obama and the Dali Lama .

Co Team winner, of Html5,Javascript Hackathon Sanfrancisco 2011. /Meetup Khu Taoist,MaQi Yoga Professor , Software Mobile,Game ,Developer/Mobile App,Developer Founder of Stealth New startup .

Imhotep,s high tech software development direction , is Inspired by the powerful,and extraordinary examples, of his Late Great Father The Most Honorable Simpson Norris Al- Basiel ,USMC, Pacific region Defeated the Japanese Elite Guard in hand to hand combat close combat fot the USA, Solomon Islands WW2, Late Great Mother Pauline Willams Founding members of Trinity United Church of Christ - Wikipedia(PRESIDENT OBAMA,S Church of 22 years(up and comeing book Obama was healed by mama.

His cousin Michele Norris About Michele - Michele Norris and his four sons Karim, Nikko, Noah, Kemet Al-Basiel and my Media mentor Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood i had the excellent luck to sell him on produceing a major portion of his film in my apartment and to get a location contract from wanner bros films also to learn from him under him while he filmed a 51 million dollar movie in my apartment (the movie true crime, 51 million dollar movie 15 % was done in my ( apartment 1999) Health Science Chinese Medical ,Consultant on Mortal Combat 2 to Master Sultan Uldin played the role of (Reptile) 100 million dollar movie.

Imhotep ,is also a China Trained Medical Qi-gong Professor, International Trained Certified Acupuncturist ,Author,and Internet Radio Host , an Motivational/Self Empowerment speaker and ,Software Project Innovation Manager

For Mobile /Enterprise Software project,s or Software Development training,s Call 415-267-4800 .imhotep was personally introduced to nlp mind technology by tony Robbins and trained by him extensively this lead to me working with roger craig of the nfl as a trainer and as a lumatron project trainer for dod consultant in 1988 and on under a sub-contract basis in 2012 in software development…