LIFE IS PEOPLE #138 lee Travis

@Lee_Travis s founder of wiki being a human experimental tool for recording feedback and processing mankind’s experiences as they happen. WikiBeing is for the benefit of those of us who seek to understand ourselves also founder of lobbyvoice a website where users create an account with just their email. They can either be knownas themselves to gain credit, or use an anonymous or pseudonymous name for privacy. They can then create, browse and choose issues, and pledge to combine their voice with others in order to make a
larger impact on the public policies that matter to them.

topics discussed
Conciousness vs programming
n99 development
Free will
building decentralized human networks
Minds for more
wiki being For more on WikiBeing
LIFE IS PEOPLE #138 Lee Travis @n_9_9_ Building On @maidsafe Technology - YouTube
#the era of the creative rises