Launcher properly loaded but no activity

Hello, I’m new to the safe network apps and I have two questions…

I’ve done everything needed to get the launcher up and running, installed the safe demo app, but the launcher is getting no activity. I’ve been running it for over 12 hours. Is this normal? 2 bytes downloaded, 0 bytes uploaded… Please see below.

Second question, where do I see my Safecoin balance?

Thanks guys!

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What activity are you expecting to see?
The log displays your activity, I get the feeling you are perhaps thinking about mining/farming?
Safecoin does not exist yet.

Welcome aboard :thumbsup:


That’s right, launcher is there as the bridge to the network and for account creation/authentication, though it will soon disappear and those functions will be handled within SAFE Browser.

To farm you will run a separate program called a vault, but that’s temporarily disabled while MaidSafe make some major changes. Nearly done I think.

So you won’t see activity in the launcher unless you, or an app, are doing something - eg use the Demo app to upload a website, or access one of the web apps created on the network by the community (by visiting the corresponding safe:// URL with SAFE Browser). Try: safe://litewrite for example.

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