Last Password in MaidSafe

Hey guys,

I was wondering if developing an application like LastPass would be possible on the SAFE Network.

What I am thinking of is replacing the server where the passwords are stored with the SAFE network and then have software programs like browser plugins and stand-alone applications to retrieve the content from the network and allow you to manage it.
It is an app that could be marketed very well and make people give SAFE a try.

Would the default self-encryption and multiple layers of security in the network be enough for securing your data?

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Why not use KeePass instead? You store the KeePass Database with all your passwords on the SAFE network and you have access to it from everywhere where you have access to SAFE.

Then again, you won’t need any passwords for apps on the SAFE network since you’re already been authorised once you’ve logged into SAFE.

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The SAFE network comes default with Self-Authentication, which simply erases the problem: you log in once to the SAFE network to access all your data; you own your own data. After that you allow services to access your data in whatever way, or duration you like - this is addressed by the SAFE Launcher app. So on the SAFE network, it is different from the existing internet: currently we have to log in to a service, and beg to get partial access to our own data - which is owned by the private company providing you the service.

So after this introduction, I assume your question is: can we create a SAFE app that stores our passwords for the old internet? Sure, should actually be rather straightforward as we are already looking to implement a SAFE client in the web browser (currently we are working on a FireFox and Chrome browser extension. That code would be open-source as all code, so either join in the development, or fork it and off you go !


Thanks guys. I’ll look into more details when SAFE launches. :smile:

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