It is time for ERC20 MAID!

nothing in life is certain, but other anon coins are listed, so i see no need to worry.

Hey buddy I love SAFE but let’s not be fooled. There will be plans for bombs, child porn and all sorts of other crap on SAFE. It is very likely that there will be no centralized exchanges once the media war starts against us…


There’s cp on btc blockchain, or so I’ve read.
Yes we will invite all sorts , but they’re out there anyway.
It is the cost of freedom of speech!

I’m not fooled, but I don’t worry about things that I need not be overly concerned about.

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I also don’t worry because there are decentralized exchanges. They get better every year. :dragon:

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I’d like to see the whole of whatever “process” we’re aiming for. If we can’t define that, then I’d say that’s evidence things are not as simple as folk hope they are.

What are our requirements for this process?

  • OMNI->ERC20 conversion. Demo (This has been done for various projects… but was it always the same? If not… which version and why?)
  • Running example of a snapshot or whatever the desired method is for claiming coins where that could be integrated into the network… (this is not nailed down as far as I see in this thread) for any and all blockchains we’re talking about.
  • Some example code for getting the snapsot evidence into SAFE for claiming these coins (which depends on desired method for claiming coins).

At that point we’re asking questions we need to ask eventually anyway.

If we have that set up and stabilised as a community proposal (or a variety if folk can’t agree), then we’re in a much better position to assess things IMO.

And just to state again, the above is community josh chat, not in any way a maidsafe endorsed plan of action! (Not that there’s that much plan there anyway, :stuck_out_tongue: but just for clarity)


I haven’t read much of this thread, just skimmed through it, so only from a technical perspective and perhaps a crazy one as I haven’t thought much about it just throwing it here, would do any help if we:

  • clone something like DAI smart contract to support MAID as collateral?
  • …assuming convincing MakerDAO to officially support MAID is not an option, if it otherwise is an option, then how about that?

Would that help at all in regards to allow different ways of speculation for MAID?

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This is completely understandable after years of horrible misuse of expressions like “soon” and “around the corner”. Estimates are fine, even if they turn out to be wrong. But the example expressions above mean nothing and stink of marketing droid talk or a straight out scam. Please take note, @Maidsafe.


I am fine with soon or around the corner as long as I never hear its ok if we fail someone will pick up the torch of our work, ever again.


Possibly helpful, but as Swissprivatebanker was to get alot done I’ve no idea what they use.

I think a big deciding factor is if the erc are to be convertible directly for safecoin.

Concerns raised that without that capacity there will be little demand for it due to having to swap back.
Concern from others that will cause more work for the team.

I will repeat this over and over again:

Working code is not the same as people running that code on their computers.

Millions and millions of people use the Ethereum network, if they can buy ERC20 MAID, these people become our potential allies.

The network is not just the code, the network is the people.

There are dozens of examples in history of technologies that have been defeated by worse technologies that have gathered more users…


I’m completely fine with somebody else picking up where Maidsafe left off. That’s pretty much the whole point of open source! Linux won’t die even if Mr. Torvalds happens to do so. False or misleading marketing, on the other hand, is something I cannot stand.

I’m not, idealism/sentiment is one thing, marketing is another. Not what I want to see on our Youtube page from our spokesperson, Torvalds finished the kernel. Agree to disagree, all this is off topic.

You’re right about this being off topic. Maybe some other mod can move some comments around. I’m not in the mood. But you’re wrong about the Linux kernel being finished. It’s not and it never will be, just like SAFE. Projects like these evolve over time and are never really “finished”.

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Yes I fully expected a remark about the kernel being constantly tweaked but it was released. We need to get the genesis of what this can become out the door first. False or misleading, what are you getting at, how about some marketing, at all. We are talking about making an ERC20 token for Maid but that alone isn’t enough to drive optimism about this project. We have an ERC20 token its ok if we fail but we have it now, boy wish the price would go up. Now that is misleading or maybe just confused messaging.

By that time we may have moved over to dex solutions with good volume. I think this is the only road to maintain privacy in line with the safe networks original ideology!

I don’t think this would ever happen to be honest. Just pray. Swap process is not an easy process, the team don’t have much time to manage this. And even if it’s community driven, if this is not recognized “officially” by the team, then it’s valueless.


Yes very true. Look at Factom now. Great idea, they have a working network, have a few customers using it, but they put almost zero effort or importance on exchange listing and the inflation rate was too high, so the price has been hammered, and master nodes and community members are leaving the project. It may survive in the end, but it could have been avoided.

For a healthy eco system, you have to get the economics right.


Saying it doesn’t make it true.

If the custodian option can evidence that 1:1 bridge and provide confidence, then they are providing a valuable service just like any other 3rd party. If you were to use an exchange now, that not a distributed exchange, then you are trusting the promise of a 3rd party in the same way as a bank.

Above, it seems one option, is viable (two way street); and one option, is not (one way into ETH and stuck).

No ‘official’ stamp will be able to confirm that 3rd party custodian more than they do for themselves.

There’s clutter above restating the positives - access to more users is the one that encourages me - but it’s the practicals that matter.

So, this one I wonder is the option for this to work?..

and given @SwissPrivateBanker was noting that, I’m expecting that is within what was being offered?..

The point is that I think to do this is well within the capabilities of MaidSafe’s team. It’s a question of whether the team wants to do it, not whether they can do it.

I don’t think it’s a binary “if the team takes time to think about this it delays launch” decision. That thinking precludes any consideration of what the team could gain if this works well that could not only increase speed (and runway) to launch, but also make for a more successful launch itself. Building the technology is a big part of launching, yes, but there is much more that would be needed to facilitate adoption (like a thriving ecosystem which would require exponentially more interest in this project than we have right now).

Obviously, I respect and admire the MaidSafe team and the SAFE Network initiative. Otherwise, I’d spend time elsewhere, working on/supporting different things. It is because I have respect and admiration for what’s happening here that I voice these opinions.

This seems an odd request when no one (to my knowledge) knows how SAFE will actually work. Sure a mock-up could be made of a snapshot, but that still doesn’t explain how someone would redeem even OMNI MAID for SAFE. Essentially, you’re asking for the answer on how the SAFE redemption process would work. At its core, this is something MaidSafe has to solve regardless of whether ERC20 enters the picture.

@SwissPrivateBanker, would it be possible to demo the following? If so, how?


I know 100% and really do appreciate that, but there will always be tension between market more and build less. It’s natural, however we now at last have real momentum to the real vision and just as we get farming phase I and safecoin phase 1 almost in place there are calls to stop. It really is binary, we can identify a couple of Engineers to do this and I can specifically and exactly say which parts of the system will not proceed.

I really feel Engineers need to be allowed to be Engineers and not something else. If we wanted to do another side project, like erc20 and conversions etc. I would prefer to hire folk specifically for that. There are folk who focus on this and would do a better job in many ways, but I would honestly not want to trip up the team in their current sprint to defocus from the current pace and barrage of questions and answers we are currently solving in house. It’s so focused right now and we (I hope anyway, certainly I) have a real feeling of “this is it” it’s happening. We have lots of tweaks and changes to make, but we are close to Fleming and the basic network. Yes it’s been very very tough in the last 18 months, for me since 2015 when things moved in a different direction, but we are on track now and fighting with our last breath to get a working real network with real features in place. Everything else has been forfeited, everything.

So bottom line for me is doing this requires a defined sub project and a hiring round and all that jazz, that was it can be compartmentalised and maybe only hobble me in the process (I hope). However this is a big ask, I am very tired and focused on a 14 year goal and we are nearly there. It’s not simple, but I will do what I must as usual, of course,