Is Maidsafe to be w/ GUI or headless?


I’m wondering which OS to install to host my Maidsafe farming rig, & am leaning towards a BSD based distro, so that I can use the ZFS filesystem.

But which do I need? Would it be easier to install a desktop or a server? What will the MaidSafe software provide? A GUI perhaps? Or will it do on a headless system?

Please advise.



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Both, we will provide headless installers with discovery, so you will need a gui app on another computer in your LAN to ‘find’ the vault and set your wallet address. BSD installers are not in the pipeline yet, but I do not see a huge issue there. Its only a matter of resources.


So for now I’ll stick with my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS install. Until a BSD installer is available.

I’ll donate $100 if I’m guaranteed a BSD installer, so I can use ZFS, as it’s performance is superior to all other FS’, & I believe it would help the network to have as many ZFS node installs as we can anyway.

Now I have to figure out how I can implement a ZFS fileserver attached to an Ubuntu system so that I can deliver chunks quickly…

Maybe a locally mounted iSCSI share…

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It seems that you can set up ZFS in Ubuntu using this package: ZFS - Ubuntu Wiki

I would be interested in setting up a ZFS file system on my Ubuntu server’s secondary drive. Although I don’t think I have the drives for the redundancy, ZFS seems good for a stand alone file system too. :smile: