Interview With Dapps Partner Sam Yilmaz: 'Appetite for Crypto Shrinking'

Pointing to the successes of Dapps funded MaidSafe as an example, Yilmaz explains that in order for the decentralized sector to further develop, “[t]he pioneers need to show success to inspire new entrepreneurs.
I see MaidSafe at the forefront of the inspiring figures with two successful test nets.”


May I point out that interest in crypto wasn’t shrinking, on the contrary, until governments started protecting us from crypto.

It’s a mixed bag for MaidSafe:

  • It’s going to suffer a lot because of statist control of cryptocurrencies (a banal example is that MAID is denominated in BTC)
  • SAFE will, at least initially, be “internal” to MaidSafe, so it won’t get on the statist radar

Overall the effect of waning interest in crypto is quite negative for MaidSafe.

MaidSafe could give a significant boost to cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technologies. With deduplication only ONE copy of each blockchain is needed! Compare that with for example full Bitcoin nodes having to each store and update a copy of gigabytes of blockchain data.