Internal Server Error(s)

Just spotted that a few times. It seems to come and go.

Same here, sparse but more common now I think.

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I also had a problem with the user icons, maybe @frabrunelle can take a look.

I confirm. I have to close the browser and open a new one to correct the issues.

Yes I can confirm the issue. Here is what I see on Pingdom:

I can’t do much since the server is managed by DiscourseHosting. I’ve contacted them but they might not fix the issue until tomorrow.

It’s definitely not the first time it happens. I am strongly considering moving to a self-hosted server (e.g. on DigitalOcean) that can be directly managed by forum admins.

I’ll start doing some preparation for that this month. The subscription with DiscourseHosting expires on October 30 so I am thinking of making the switch at some point in October. Expect more details soon :smile:


Another DDOS attack? I check the forum often and it wasn’t coming up a couple of times over the past couple of hours but I guessed someone was playing games again.

I doubt it’s a DDOS attack. They don’t give me a lot of details so I’m not sure what the problem is exactly.

I got a message from them a few hours ago saying that they “restarted everything”, but I am still seeing downtime on Pingdom.

Like I said in my previous post, there is not much we can do apart from not renewing the subscription with DiscourseHosting and hosting the server ourselves.

Thanks for everyone’s help with the forum. It has become part of my daily routine.

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It’ll be good it get SAFE up and running so we can mirror the forum there (assuming of course one figured out a way to actually do that).

No fun…

It’s all I’ve been seeing all day

I’ve been getting a lot of that too.

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Fixed the problem? Forum runs blazing fast at the moment and last few hours no errors! Great job, I like it :wink:


We saw a number of clients holding a large number of long-lived connections, and this was exhausting network resources. We’re keeping a close eye on it.