Infinite Imaginarium: Life is People 3rd JUNE

The Wild Card’s Infinite Imaginarium brings you Tim from Life is People and N99. We will be brainstorming unique uses of SAFEnetwork, and N99 project. Digging deep into the Imaginarium, and dreaming up the New Story for Humanity.
next Weds 3rd June
will be discussing
how and why I got into Maidsafe/Safenetwork,
how n_9_9 evolved from that,
decentralised networks,
the impacts they’re ALREADY having on the planet,
how these systems are altering how we behave…
thoughts on agreements/contracts (inspired by BrehonLaw)
what are the steps toward creating such a society?
How life altered as a result of connecting with so many mind
blowing people around the world
the power of building networks THEN bring in the software, that’s truly
the core of this whole movement
recommendations for people maybe a little too shy to start?
to watch listen
#the era of the creative is rising