I'm writing a new article on medium about Farming I need some tech advice

Hi guys continuing on with the luck of prior success in my medium article I’m writing another but I need some advice and feedback.

Not sure if we discuss here or on DM.

The article topic is about Farming / Mining and the target are basically anyone that wants to make money and or wants to mine but don’t have the resources or money to mine other cryptos.


I did not see what tech advice you were looking for, specifically, but I think that a budget build for a farming machine is a good place to start. I found some references to other post/articles that were supposed to speak to this topic, but laying-out specifics for people is, obviously, the most user-friendly avenue and can draw-in those that fit the niche of which you speak.


Ahh yeah I had not come up with any questions yet was just looking for people interested so I know who to DM.

I’m currently stuck on an info graphic I’m trying to make. I want to do a versus between mining and farming but I’m no designer that’s for sure.

I’ll post it here when I’m done and if someone can take it and improve it that would be awesome.

link when it’s done! Also where’s the old one? (I recently got a medium account)

Ugh just look up author AR. Will link shortly the image :grin:

Sweet, I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Maybe I’ll be able to play with it, if need be.

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Hi guys this is my “design” lol.

Can someone run it through their professional machine and send back when done. DM me for my email if need be. Cheerio.


@Axe @whiteoutmashups @Joe_Chiriaev


I think the design is pretty good and the copy excellent. Simple to understand and hits the spot.

Only one thing struck me - how about a comparison of energy efficiency? A lot has been said about the increasing amount of energy used in blockchain mining, so I think that’s a weak spot we could target. Just a thought, but great job IMO.


Did you see @JPL’s 10 facts of farming?

Nice design by the way :slight_smile:

One thing you might or might not be able to convey and that is

Farming is not farming safecoin. Farming is farming data. Safecoin is a reward for doing so, earning if you want.

Mining is digging for coin, Farming is farming data and safecoin is earnings for doing that,


Good stuff, keep em coming reminded me something I discovered on our abandoned marketing slack the other day:

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I agree, I just dont know how to add another block of text :rofl::grimacing: hence why I needed help…:smirk:

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Yeah all of that will be in the article :+1:

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Yup. Some carbon footprint reference? Green(er) technology. A lot of people care about this. Might have to have a completely separate infographic.

Comparing approximate carbon footprint of crypto

  1. generation of a coin
  2. transaction

Comparison of carbon footprint estimate of data

  1. storage of movies media duplication on the current “cloud” vs storage of media on the SAFENet

SAFENet is a green technology.


Infographic looks great. Things like this are a pleasure to read and great to share.

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A couple comments about this:

  • C is a language, not a program. I’m not sure why a user should care much about what language a program is written in. I suspect you are getting at mining software being command line based instead of point and click?
  • difficulty doesn’t necessarily increase with time. In general this has been the case, because difficulty does increase when more hashing power is added to the network (adjusts dynamically, just as the farming rate will). With Bitcoin, what does change with time is the block reward, which halves approx every 4 years.

Article done thanks all for feedback, advice and assistance. This community is pretty awesome.


Will create a separate thread too