"I will leave, the payout is a mess"

Maybe this topic will be interesting. What percentage of the Safe farmers will be like the Storj farmers?

One difference between Safe and Storj is that Storj requires relatively good computer knowledge to become a farmer. With Safe, a farmer can be anyone who can click on .exe


Seems a bit off topic digging into what Storj is… if it lacks utility, then perhaps farmers will lack motivation just to contribute regardless? If the utility is glaring, as we reasonably expect from Safe Network (1st use of that and I can’t do the SafeNetwork yet!), then the profit motive will stand a lot of pressure because over time (for the want of a better word) fungibility will appear and with that understood a motivation just to continue.

There will always be flaky contributions and unclear without sense of storj where that post sits but apples is not pears… and speculating on the what if, unproductive??


The network made by storj is the value.

And the vaule is enough high, the farmers and users go there.

But I cant find yet over 4 years.

I think there should be a category for “Competitive Projects” where commentary on things like Storj, IPFS, Sia, etc. could live.

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We do have Related Projects

But I think @Dimitar was trying to use this as an example of what could happen with safecoin.

Now it seems that the coin for storj is not in demand and that impacts those wishing to sell theirs. In this case it would not matter if there was an ERC20 other than perhaps some other sap will buy those coins hoping for something


Yes, the question is related to the economy of Safe. Storj is just the reason.

It has been up by almost 300% for the last 3 months.

You need to look at demand and not price. Maybe by selling the person might get the $0.8565 for the first few but prices drops through the floor due to the low demand.


There is good liquidity even in little used exchanges like Bittrex. Rather, the problem is that Storj has not described how easy it is to sell.

Yes, this particular person writes in the forum and they explained to him, but there are others who do not write. We must not make this mistake. It is good to learn from their mistakes and make good guides that are available to new people in the future. :dragon:


Just remember that for any project there are people who will write bad articles in an attempt to turn off people from the project.

You say people explained to him, I gather how to do his selling, so it sounds more like an inexperienced person or a attacker claiming they have all those nodes.

It is too easy to claim you have all these nodes you are going to turn off to sound all important and should be listened to.

For every 10 to 100 people who say they have a lot of nodes or whatever there is usually one that actually does have some. I am wondering if this person is just claiming stuff to attract (negative) attention to that project.

It will happen to Safe too


It’s certainly a balancing act. If 100% of people like your product, then you haven’t reached enough people to garner any hate, which is inevitable at scale. On the other hand, how much of the “hate” is feedback is worth considering. It’s a new type of problem for a product in a different phase of its lifecycle.

When Safe has to deal with these problems too, I think it will be a sign of a transitionary point and a maturation of Safe. It might almost be a milestone (if not a new challenge) when we have posts like this to deal with :laughing:


A little negative feedback makes for a more robust solution… it’s all good.