Hypercore 10 and other projects

Besides MaideSAFE (that has been renamed to SAFE), I have been following the Dat project (that has been renamed to Hypercore)


They have had quite a bit of innovation, including the protocol (SLEEP), multiwriters, etc. The API is very clean and pleasant to use, and I was just wondering what your thoughts are about the project, and interoperability, if any. They also have a Rust implementation: hypercore - Rust

The hypercore suite of tools can be used separately:

  • hyperswarm to discover peers, though it’s not as anonymous as with SAFE since it’s based on IP addresses rather than Kademlia with deleting IP after first hop … so any given swarm can be DDOSed for example
  • hypercore
  • hyperdrive, hypertrie, etc.

The cool thing is that they have implemented some really efficient “bittorrent-like” downloading, but I think SAFE has that also. They were originally funded by the Knight foundation, among others, and released it as open source.

Other Systems in the Space

Hypercore is based on SLEEP protocol, and does torrents to do append-only logs, it can replicate in one direction or sync in both directions.

PouchDB / CouchDB is based on HTTP / Couch protocol, and has a mature support in the browsers. There are ways to replicate Hypercore to PouchDB, and you may want to make a bridge from SAFE to/from PouchDB if possible, since the API is well known to many.

OrbitDB is a lesser-known project that is based on IPFS’s log and protocol. There has been some attempt to make it a backend for PouchDB.

Does it make sense for SAFE to interoperate with at least PouchDB?