How to run a local testnet for app development (Linux)?

But for impatient people (like me): I am successful at running a local network of 12 nodes on a Cygwin/Windows machine with current master branches, but I had to change 2 referenced versions in Cargo.toml of safe_core crate:

  • lru_time_cache changed from “~0.3.0” to “~0.2.7” (I think 0.3.0 is bugged: Duration::new(std::u64::MAX, std::u32::MAX) seems to generate an arithmetic operation overflow)
  • routing changed from “~0.16.2” to “~0.17.0” (so that safe_core and safe_vault share a common routing code).

Please also note that you don’t have to create any config file and you have to wait several seconds between 2 consecutive vaults.

With this network I am able to create acounts and manage immutable data. But I am still not able to manage structured data (same error “failed to fill whole buffer” mentioned by @bluebird and me one week ago).