How to get online businesses interested

Online businesses are a wonderful part of the internet. The problem with safenet is it’s advantage: total anonymity. How could an online business analyse its website’s sales funnel, for example? Google analytics won’t work. If this isn’t possible, I don’t think the platform will be attractive for them. Any ideas on how it can be done or is this something to think about far in the future?

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I don’t see site analytics as totally impossible.

The “sales” APP/safesite can still pass anon data about site access. And of course any sales/info requests can be analysed by the business.

The area that SAFE will discourage and likely have people/apps to detect is the tracking analytics.

In other words the business itself will gather any info about its safesite usage and be limited in its scope. The use of “google” or other analytics company to gather info is harder and the first wave of SAFE users will most likely reject any APP/safesite that has the code in it to pass back any info to such a company to collect and/or track accounts across sites.


Yeah all of the analytics is totally possible, SAFE is just giving people the freedom to choose (opt-in or not) so it’s a great thing

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I suppose business goes were their customers are.

I’m pretty sure analytics is what we’re all trying to get away from.

It kind of goes both ways. I go to the store, the store doesn’t come to me. If someone’s got an established online business, why would they switch?

If someone wants to have an online business with all the analytical features, I guess they they could use some app that enables someone to see their content only after accepting the analytical platform. But if most sites do that, it diminishes the advantage of the safenet.

Most people don’t care too much about analytics as long as they can consume. To prevent bad spying, someone ought to build an analytics platform that ensures individual anonymity while delivering the necessary information to businesses. If this isn’t done by dedicated pros early on, then either the platform won’t be adopted by businesses or they will make their own platforms with very little regard to privacy.


I agree but you still have to put yourself out there. In your store analogy location location location… I’m not going to the store in the middle of nowhere am I?

This is especially true in the beginning.

@safer great question. Current online businesses can continue using clearnet and benefit from search engines, Google Ads words, etc with parallel efforts and corresponding safetnet domain names/ID’s. Conventional websites can offer an introduction to their presence on the safenetwork and a gateway to such.

This will provide seamless entry to Safenet and allow all entities to capitalize on clearnet


Agree kind of like people who sell their wares online, offline, on Amazon, eBay … Etc. Merchants go where the people are.

Probably will end up kind of similar to open bazaar which I am not so sure is either a good or bad thing at this point in time.