How many $ worth of Safecoin

would I need to publicly host 10GB worth of MP3s on the network for example? An approximation is fine.

And if my content is popular, as I understand it I am rewarded with Safecoins in a similar way to farming. Does that mean I would get my initial hosting fee back?

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Somewhat cheaper than other cloud services. MaidSafe is more efficient than they are because it uses unused resources without introducing extra costs, and (especially in the early days) because farmers will expect the future SafeCoin price to rise so will be willing to even run a loss.


Thanks for the reply.

One more question: is my content available for download forever in maidsafe, or would there by an annual safecoin fee for example?

The are no ongoing fees - just at upload, and if the data is public this is very very small (almost free)


Maidsafe sounds like its going to be a nightmare for the RIAA etc. I think Im going to buy some Safecoins.

Also depends on how popular the files are. let’s say someone uploaded a videoclip like Gangham Style, intermediate nodes will have it on cache. Cached chunks are provided for free. Also, you cannot decide which files you host. You’ll just see encrypted chunks filling your vault. Without a clue what’s inside.

I think you misunderstand, caching chunks doesn’t affect the PUT price. Cached chunks simply don’t earn the cache-holder with a reward on GET.

When the OP talks about hosting he means uploading.

Correct I see now.

Here is what I dont get about this. Lets say I farm for safecoins, i.e. I am hosting someone else’s files for 1 day and get 1 Safecoin. In other words I have been compensated for my finite period of work with a token. When I go and spend that token happybeing is saying that I can upload my data forever - i.e. I am spending that token and getting an infinite amount of product.

Doesnt this mean that Safecoin farming will be inflationary forever ?

There is a cap on the total issue of Safecoin, so it’s not inflationary forever. Once the cap is reached, recycled Safecoin is used to reward farmers instead - this comes from fees charged by the network for services (such as computation), and falling that by increasing upload fees.

Storage space is highly inflationary, and the amount of storage you get for 1 SafeCoin is based on supply and demand. Since storage space is inflationary, and SafeCoin in the end is not, that ‘infinite amount of product’ actually lowers in value closer and closer to zero.

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