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Currency on the freemarket

People are just idiotic when it comes to overhyping money. I don’t know about you but I’m basically a junky who needs money (to pay my bills, get food/drinks etc…). Nowadays everything is being manupilate so heavily that no matter what you do you can’t stop it. It would be foolish to put Safecoin on the freemarket and have people deciding a fiat price. When you let people do things they let their GREED level kick in. Remember Auroracoin? @ a point this was worth $90 now it’s just $0,34, now think about how many people lost their money? We should put systems in place that simply don’t allow people to take advantage of others.

Imagine an internet where 1 safecoin is worth $1000, would it even be possible for poor people to make use of some services? People are not in their right mind when it comes to money (i speak from experience). Actually with the SAFE farming option it doesn’t matter what the fiat price is, everyone can get coins if they become a farmer, what if you can’t farm, your in Africa with a feature phone and want to use VOIP on the Maidsafe network?

That’s why I would argue that every service should have a set price of 0,01 Safecoin. Developers deserve every cent they get, but if they decide the price that their app costs, their moto might become “Secure App For Everyone, With Money LOL”. I don’t think a set price to make use of an app will be a disadvantage to developers, because they are on a network that can scale and above all they pay zero. Safecoin should not be promoted to rise in price, because than it’s no longer for EVERYONE. even in the example above if a safecoin was worth $1000, would you send someone $10 to let them install an app?

We removed any financial requirements to use the SAFE network. Not so long ago, we were discussing putting a price on opening a MAID account. Nick’s blog post clearly argued that is not consistent with the SAFE, secure access for everyone, and new ideas have been proposed to both keep a MAID account free, while still defending against bot attacks.

There is no option, safecoins will have a market priced value. That is inevitable as people are free to set up an exchange. It’s impossible to ‘block’ (if we would even consider blocking an exchange…) So it is not only secure access, it is also free access for everyone, by having a market value for safecoins.

The value of a service on SAFE, measured in safecoin should (slowly) adjust to the market valuation of safecoins compared to other currencies.


You tell em, Ben!

You do realize this thread is over half a year old? I’m pretty sure @19eddyjohn75 knows by now that he doesn’t need to worry about this. If not:

Yes, network services would simply have costs like 0.001 SafeCoin. If no price is fixed whatsoever the market (and SAFE’s algorithms) will find the proper costs and rewards for all activity.


When I grow up I want to be a central planner :smile:
If someone were able to do that, I’d never touch Safecoin.

Personal preferences aside, it doesn’t make any sense. You don’t know and can’t possibly know what 0.01 SAFE actually means, so if you had that kind of power, you’d either make a completely meaningless policy (but you’d surely enjoy your power, looking smart in pointless meetings, nice business trips and so on) like deciding that the minimum price of anything in USD should be one 1000th of the dollar, or you’d make a destructive decision like deciding that the minimum price for anything should be 100 dollars.

In the extremely unlikely event that you and other experts made a reasonable decision (like that the minimum price of anything should be 1 cent), it’d still be a complete waste of time because it wouldn’t change anything.

I just had 2 beers. How many did you have before you wrote that post? :smiley:

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Funny to read my old thoughts and I know by now…

I can’t remember, but this was a funny and totally meaningless post

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