How can I access safe network (shared vault) with network app v0.0.5-beta.1 and downloaded safe network in the app?

as I understand the aplha2 network is over

I cant find how to access safe network in the shared vault in the v0.0.5-beta.1 network app and downloaded safe browser through the app!

do I need the latest vault app and then configure it for the shared vault?

edit: or do I need the stable safe network app?

edit2: tried to use the safe-authd.exe but the cli instructions dont match the safe-authd.exe, in the instructions it says there is the command safe auth but in the safe -h I only see

subcommands of safe-authd.exe

help Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
install Install safe-authd as a service. Only for Windows platforms
restart Restart a running safe-authd
sc-start To be invoked by Windows Service Control Manager to start the authd service. Only for Windows
start Start the safe-authd daemon
stop Stop a running safe-authd
uninstall Uninstall safe-authd service. Only for Windows platforms
update Update the application to the latest available version

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hey @SmoothOperatorGR!

The downloaded SNAPP will start/stop the authd service for you automatically. So to get onto the shared network, you’ll just need to configure access to the shared vault.

You can find the setup of that here: New Release: Vault Phase 1 (real vault)

Once you have that config in place, you should just need to start the safe network app once more and the auth daemon will be running in the background.

Then you should be able to open the browser and access the shared vault’s sites


The link to

Download the vault_connection_info.config shared vault config file from GitHub

is dead and I can’t see that file in the repo fopr 0.20.1. Is this no longer a requirement for the shared vault?

It’s not. Digging in.

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Okay latest shared vault config can be found here.

I’ll get the other post updated.

@SmoothOperatorGR I think with the latest vault update though we may have lost previously upped data. So there may not be much interesting there atm. (But you should be able to make some sites!)


Ach, it seems like the current shared vault is still running 0.19.1, which is not wholly compatible with the new api changes. :expressionless:

It seems the best bet until we get the shared vault updated is to run a local one.

This may take a few days as we’ve been looking at changing some of the infrastructure. I’d hope we have it back up in a few days. We’ll update here when we have news on it! :bowing_man:

Apologies mean time!


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