Google’s Project Vault: A Secure Computing Environment On A Micro SD Card

Could this secure device/OS host a SAFE client I wonder?

Also could provide secure authentication for SAFENetwork?

Google’s Project Vault Is A Secure Computing Environment On A Micro SD Card, For Any Platform


hmhmmm - if i’m not wrong you’d need mesh networking for a safe client to make sense running on it :open_mouth:

secure authentification is a nice idea - i personally am more thinking more about “unique key for special MS-Services”
you plug it in and when you log in you are in your personal XYZ account; you don’t need to know your own account data - you get the SD-Card by your provider - eg for voting that might make sense or other gov-services … you know everybody you did provide access is a real person … i haven’t thought many aspects through … would be a little bit against the anonymity-aspect of maidsafe but for some services perfect anonymity might even be problematic

thanks for the link - didn’t hear of that project before =)

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Gee this shit is coming out faster than people can implement it, and users digest it.

I mean it’s great that there’s progress in privacy technologies, but this constant resetting of what’s considered secure enough is probably decimating startups like crazy.

And even consumers don’t want to buy and implement good technologies and products that are coming out right now because they see that these newest ideas are (supposedly) making the currently available ones look relatively insufficient or outdated.

While it’s good that there’s this race to provide more security, I’m not so sure about the actual effects. Looking at my own example, I can’t be bothered with anything that’s considered advanced because I don’t want to spend the time and money knowing that I’d have to do it every 3 to 6 months. So I just go for something that’s better than what the Average Joe uses.