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Hi, my name is sasha and I would like decentralized internet, but it doesn’t mean I am agreed with all what you do.

  1. people need to use client and to be secure, to trust to you, it means, above all, we need to know who are managers, creators, developers, etc. I speak about: what is your background, for whom you worked in the past and who are your financiers? For example if I see any project financed by the NSA companies like Ycombinator, I don’t want to use it. The NSA infiltrates every crypto team/software/etc. Shortly, all participants in creating safe network should publish information mentioned above: your names (so we can check your background and not just to trust to the info given by you), background published by you, who finance creating of safe network?

  2. you want now safe browser and you just take any developer or you check his background? do you check if developer worked for booz allen hamilton or any other company that profit from repression? or maybe it is OK for you if developer worked for them?

  3. you should explain better an immoral attack against safe network. not all of us have moral problems and we want to know better do you have any mechanism to delete keys and prevent using/publishing of immoral content? if you can delete something and damage other people, with an excuse of being “sharia police in saudi arabia”, you want to be a big brother, so, if you can delete anything, you can control other people and I don’t want to use such network.

you offer only decentralized internet, but people want freedom and not only using our PCs instead of data centers. and there is no freedom without:

  1. excluding business from the decentralized Internet. as I see, already developers/companies are supported by you to do something for profit and not for free (to build decentralized internet), it means you included capitalist economy inside of the safe network. that’s the main reason we have internet today as it is, full of spam, aggressive marketing, etc. you don’t offer freedom to the people, you offer them just to avoid data centers. but you will be maybe big brother who monitor all of us (if you can delete anything) and you will give a chance to the companies to make money from advertising, etc.

remember internet in the beginning, it was without business, it was good, today we have the internet as a product of business and government. but first of all we must know background of all people mixed in creating of the safe network, to see if we can trust you. your background can explain did you worked for the gov, do you prefer to control other people, do you want business internet or free internet, etc. my proposal would be also to implement any software that will allow to the people to use present wifi network to connect with others (who have wifi antennas), then they would not need to pay to the ISP for the internet, they could communicate without ISP, without filtering, without control.

and the last, you should remember that many people are behind fascist firewall, only ports 80 and 443 allowed, it is not possible to use putty (port 22) or anything else, so, the free network client on users PC should be able to avoid such control, users should be able to choose the port or the client should be created to use port that can’t be blocked, for example 443, nobody blocks 443. portable client and port 443 are solution for fascist network admins.

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It’s an open source project, just like Firefox. So anyone can see read the code and decide for themselves if they want to use SAFE or not.

Everyone is free to create a website. Nobody can forbid them to put ads in there or not. Nobody controls the network.


I suppose you could perhaps consider DARPA etc. not a business or similar :wink:

Anyway business, autonomous business, volunteers etc. everyone has to eat and be focussed on getting the job done. For us you will find we are incredibly open as are our backers, many of whom are here on the forum. If I really was NSA or similar I would infiltrate a volunteer group 100% easier, so care is needed there.

What we do is work in a company with a n extreme dedication of a vision “Privacy Security and Freedom” for all the worlds people.

All code is on github, but that is a tiny part of the story. It’s heavily documented, simple and is created from 0% in the open, no dump of large complex open source or free software. So it’s incredibly reviewable.

These are important issue to consider.

As for politics, business verses do everything for nothing etc. then that is a different matter. I cannot afford to work on this with no pay, I am not of independent means and certainly have no savings. So we live month to month to create this. It’s a challenge, but one 100% worth facing.

If you trawl the forum you will find anything you want about the teams/people involved really. Plus the push to get development into the community . A tricky thing to do.

Best is launch, get widespread and then get a ton more reviewers / pen testers independently auditing the codebase. Then we are safer.


You can set a port if you wish otherwise we hole punch. This works behind many firewalls and will improve. I any case the use case you ask for here is covered :wink:


To me this sounds pretty narrow minded…

but as @dirvine says. There is aynthing that keeps you from forking.

Hi, you’re worried about whom to trust. With a sufficient transparency, documentation and reviewability of the codebase (and eventually, I’d expect to see reproducible builds) then you can get closer and closer to a trustless system. With a trustless system, it wouldn’t matter if a developer’s daddy was the Devil himself, or even Mr. Putin. :wink: That’s the ideal, and SAFE appears to be well along that path.


By being Open Source from Start the Codebase was made available to
everyone’s capacity to verify , propose changes , or fork the project … ,
thus , abstracting transparently & objectively results from personal biases
of any kind — eliminating possibly all wicked intentions from manifesting
unavoidable and irreversible damage over time . FOSS harnesses the
Power of Committed Communities around a Leading Team constituted also
as Company & as Foundation to address the different real world proceedings .

MAID has shown to be visionary , committed , honest , courageous , wise :
What else can we ask for ? To keep the excellent work up until all is done .

MAID’s 10 Years of R & D & C(ommunication) are remarkable & exemplary .

It’s a most important Project , a needed Innovation . We are getting there .

Let’s be thankful for all and each effort taken to up the ante and level up
our common communication needs with the Privacy , Safety & Freedom
all our endeavours require across countless matters we take for granted
while not guaranteed & in danger of manipulation , abuse , exploitation :ant:


Hello Sasha. I get the impression that you dont understand how the client works. I am by no means an expert myself, but it seems to me that you think that the client connects to a central server and keeps track of the users. This is not the case And perhaps the “client” should not even be called a client at all since this gets one thinking of the normal client-server system.

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We’re all here because we believe this is where real digital freedom is being built, so expect some bias from folks like me ;), but… IMO a quiet, modest little team in Troon is building the most disruptive thing ever to impact our brief digital existences. David and the team haven’t compromised. Spend a few days/weeks doing some in-depth research and you’ll find that eventually you get hit by the same series of lightening bolts that have hit each of us as we have peeled back the layers of this spectacular onion.

I admire and respect your devotion to ethical standards, but you really ought to do some reading etc because this has all been discussed to death a million times in here and we’re all still devoted for good reason, this is a project worth supporting Sasha, please dig away and we’ll see you in a few days as a born again disciple of David like the rest of us. :sweat_smile:


I for one don’t want to see anyone’s particular villains excluded, but to see a level playing field where everyone has access to the same tools.

It’s like banning guns: Probably no-one on earth is actually in favor of it, if you dig down. Many people are in favor of banning guns for everyone except the state pigs. Same goes for murder, vigilantism, robbery, kidnapping and extortion: many people are in favour of those things, under different, weasely names, if they are limited to the state pigs. I hope to see all such tools spread around.

EDIT: So trust isn’t necessary and, indeed, the violation of peoples instinct to trust is at the root of most of what is wrong with the world. The semi-human things that attend the Eyes Wide Shut parties exploit that tendency to the full. My rule of thumb is to assume that everyone is a shape-shifting alien that will eat my face if given a chance.

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Amen. Just yesterday I had another eureka moment.


So say we all. :stuck_out_tongue: (20char)

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Hi Sasha and welcome.

I am sure you are voicing the concerns of others but trust takes time. I hope you will continue to take the time to learn more about this project and the people behind it so that your trust can grow.

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Sorry Sasha. Whats the question or whats your point here? Sans fake ESL…

I’m kind of surprised anyone bothered replying to this post.

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This rabbit hole goes so deep, we shouldn’t be surprised that the uninitiated come here with questions and concerns that seem silly to us.

But yeah @bre , maybe do some research then ask the questions you’re left with, rather than expecting the community to reiterate everything for you personally.