Forum won't display in BlackBerry browser

I like this forum alot, & I read on the Discourse website that it was designed for use with mobile devices from the ground up.

However, I have a problem with it when I try to load it on my BlackBerry browser. The page won’t display at all, rather shows a blank, white screen where the page should be.

I don’t know if there’s any others having problems viewing the forum on their mobile devices. And I wonder if there might be a setting the admins have access to to make it load a certain stylesheet on mobile browsers so that it’ll display in mobile mode or something.

I just figured I’d let people know so maybe a fix can be implemented.

FYI for webdev: It’s not the new BlackBerry, but rather a Bold 9930, with a half a touchscreen & a real keyboard.

It would be nice to be able to kill time on the forum while I’m waiting for the bus sometimes is all.



Do you have the same problem on

Yes, so I guess there’s nothing anyone can do about it, huh? Bummer.

Unfortunately no, but I suggest that you submit a report on, they’re pretty good at answering.