Forum problem

I can’t view the forum on my home WiFi but everything else is working and will work on my phone if I turn WiFi off, anyone have anny ideas what this could be?

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Try disabling VPN (if using)?

Please confirm, you cannot see on any device via your wifi, you can only see it using your mobile data?

Can you see it from a wired device on your LAN?


Yeah won’t work on any device even wired.

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Off the top of my head, you accidentally blacklisted it somehow on your router?

Have a poke at your router logs.

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Haven’t touched anything, very frustrating :rage:

Now getting this

Try a different browser.
Why are you not using Brave, anyway?

Phone is the same won’t connect

Have you turned it off and on again?



I’ve also lost all my nodes on the pi4 using home-network but the port forwarded nodes are okay

Sorted it had to allow autonomi on the router, don’t know why been using it the last 2 weeks. Thanks for your help as always :+1:t2:


Possibly caused by an automatic router firmware update. Sneaky rascals.

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You had to specifically whitelist ?!?!?!
What router do you have?

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Eero 6 from talk talk


“ISPs really hate when you learn this one weird network! Click here to find out more.”

(anyone else get those ads? :stuck_out_tongue:)


Did you have problems with any other sites?


apparently not…

Why is it just the forum needed whitelisting then?

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No everything else was working that’s why I knew it was something odd.


iv had some shenanigans with the forum not working on my phone for some reason on certain networks over the last week.

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