Filecoin testnet is live and I do not like it

The setup below is a minimal example for sealing 32 GiB sectors on Lotus:

  • 2 TB of hard drive space.
  • 8 core CPU
  • 128 GiB of RAM
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I like their Gantt chart- which have dates in it in contrast to the Maidsafe Gantt chart.

no, they are very much backwards. Look they want a 128GB ram machine at least …

Yeah at 128 GiB RAM requirements you have cut out all common households. Maybe thats just a preliminary requirement in this early testing? Otherwise their network will never be as decentralized as other common blockchains(btc etc.)


in my opinion they do not want ordinary people in their network. Look, they only gave they coin to the rich …

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If you “only” have 128GiB ram…


Maybe it has something to do with their “Proof of Replication”? They claim that it can not be gamed. That means that you’re actually storing the data that you claiming that you’re storing, not just fetching it from someone else if asked to retrieve that file from your storage. I haven’t looked into it, i think they are doing some just-in-time hashing on the whole data set and that’s why they need high performance storage.

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I’m sure there’s a reason. But there is an ocean of free storage on earth. And with this version of Filecoin, they will not drink from this ocean…

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