[fiction?]Given your newfound unlimited wealth, cross boarder wealth, how would you escape/&or counter, in the unfortunate event, that the far right continue to rise in Europe or elsewhere

As title…

Given your newfound unlimited wealth, cross boarder wealth, how would you escape/&or counter, in the unfortunate event, that the far right continue to rise in Europe or elsewhere.


I was about to add “or extreme left for that matter” - all extremes tend to be bad. And then I realized that e.g. “extreme freedom” or “extreme honesty” could be in a way similar on the list of things someone may want to escape from. How will the world deal with SafeNetwork? Won’t be able to escape from that for sure :slight_smile: Sorry for straying off.
Should we (be able to) escape at all?


In a world where things are getting more divided, people are coiling away from others and building walls whether real or mental, all opposing political views become more explosive and dangerous.

I think the major problems are the artificial scarcity that these hierarchical systems like to put on societies shoulders and the corrupt, cut throat, fight to the to top of the power ladder. Money is a form of power because of what it can do for us, so we want more. Maybe we just want to take care of ourselves and family because we have to live in the system too but the lines get blurry and folks always want more. Money, status, power. It’s greed, ego, lording over others.

I don’t think we’ll solve it by running away but violence is also unacceptable. I think the solutions are here. In this community. We can build apps that have governance, co-op models, etc that flatten power structures and grow horizontally and the SAFE Network is the place that opens up access to information in new and powerful ways. It will take some getting used to but it ought to be worth it. We can change the system from the inside out.


Unlimited wealth, huh. These look reasonably secure.

But David (and I) would have to go back to skipper school and learn to manage a sub.


Ooooh Kokomo Ailand, nicccccce.


Well, if I would got unlimited wealth, I could try to build a structure to give that wealth away in such a way, that it balances the wealth inequality in the world as well as ever possible. I think quite large part of the extreme actions people do, reflect the extreme imbalance of well being in the world. So, given my unlimited wealth, there is a lot I could do to alleviate those tensions.

I wish for the kind of freedom, where I can walk amongst everyone else without needing bodyguards, or without having to build fences around my own yard. Equality is a way to this kind of freedom.


With unlimited wealth? Funding research into brain–computer interfaces and artificial intelligence. I imagine that with enough technological advancements we could escape into a virtual reality that is indistinguishable from reality. You could then choose the society to live in completely according to your preferences. More realistic though, I would look into building capitalistic city states, by funding seasteading project and similar ideas.

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Maybe we already did this, but we have forgotten.


Haha do we need Morpheus and Neo ?

Move to the South Island in New Zealand. No one will find you there

If we’re talking an individual and their assets, depending on your current geographic location probably Malta or Singapore would fit best.

If your talking something more serious well you would need to start to look towards some of the more advanced Arab nations Qatar, Kuwait etc.

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I imagine we are going back to a decentralized world – more tribal/familial again and away from big centralized states/government. The Safe Network will facilitate that.

Who wants to go in with me (post-safe network deployment) on a private island purchase for business minded Anarcho-Capitalists? DM me. :wink:


I hope the right continues to rise personally, balance needs to be restored.

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With unlimited wealth I think I would have more to do than worry about the rise of the far right.

Toivo’s answer sounds best, but I think I’d first try to figure out what the problems actually are.
We’re not living in the 20th century anymore, so a Hitler repeat is very unlikely just on these facts:

  • Muslims aren’t Jews.
  • Sub-saharan Africans aren’t Jews
  • China isn’t Nazi Germany locationwise or strengthwise.
  • Neither is the US.
  • The US of 2019 is also very different from the US of 1939. Extremely different.