Farming rewards based on geographical location

In order to reduce the dominance of big server farms and allow the small farmers with only an average computer to still have a chance to earn an income from safecoin, why not distribute network resources/safecoin by giving more priority to areas which are least populated with farmers.

For example, A person in a poor country in AFRICA running a node gets more safecoin than someone with the same quality farmer in New York City. This would help distribute farmers and maybe even people! around the world.

EDIT: The network would dynamically adjust its reward structure based on the changes in node density within geographical regions.


From my understanding, GET request speed is based on (ping) and (bandwith).

So if the requester was in Africa and “chunk(s)” were stored in Africa, then by proximity (ping), farmers in Africa should should complete the GET request before the farmers in New York. Therefore, African farmers have a better chance of getting Safecoin from requests made in Africa.

Exception: If a farmer in Africa has low bandwith, and was currently servicing other requests during that time, then the New York farmer (or the fastest reply) would have completed the GET request.

This applies on a Global scale which seems logical and fair.

I’m sure this comment will make me the bad guy.

If we “advantage” Africa… what happens when an international farmer sets up a branch there to reap the benefit. The poor locals will be left out in the cold again.

Our motto “Equal pay for equal work” no longer holds true.

If this community is serious about Neutrality, the SAFE Network should not “favor” or “penalize” anyone.

I am in favor of helping others. If people want to do it, then let it be done on a social level: donation, charity, etc. Dodgecoin does it this way and has been successful.

I was implying to dynamically change priority according to farmer populations. So if New York had a small amount of farmers, the network would adjust itself to increase rewards for that particular area. It doesn’t matter what country/area it is.

I don’t think there is a way to know the population density of nodes in a particular geographical area.

Are you saying maidsafe can not retrieve the ip addresses of nodes connected to the network?

IP addresses are not propagated, so the entry points would know, and would have to publicise the geographical location. There’s no way that this is currently done, and so the data is not available without modifying the system.

It could perhaps be done, for example by the entry points incrementing the corresponding geographical area counter as a node joins, and decrementing it when the node leaves, and using the counter to modify SafeCoin rewards. I’m not sure about the privacy and implementation issues around this kind of functionality, but I would be very surprised if it can be done at the moment.

interesting, thanks for the input.

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How would the network determine location with 100% accuracy?

It doesn’t need to be 100% accurate.

Is it relatively easy to spoof location or use a VPN?

Also, might cause legit turf wars!

I really don’t think we want to start engaging in Affirmative Action in any regard, for any group. That’s a heirarchical model that goes awry from the start. I don’t want to hobble anyone else’s legs because I’m at disadvantage, I just want to participate fairly.

I think the SAFE network is engineered to propagate pretty fairly as different areas come on line. There may not be any way to handicap it as you say, and why would we want to? The network wins for everyone to the degree the best resources are applied to it, including bandwidth, ping speed, etc. Safecoin earned in a less developed area, even if earned more slowly, would likely have a proportional local premium value as well.


There is no reason why the network has to consider geographical location. There is risk associated with it and no reward for the network itself as an independent actor in the scenario.

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People are also under the impression that only Safecoin can be earned and that nothing else can be built or no other coin can be used.

That is why I’m for having decentralized applications use their own coin so that the distribution mechanism can be customized. Think of each decentralized application as a different species with unique characteristics.

There is no reason to consider geographical location. The only thing we need is to design the decentralized apps to reward the users for using the apps. It’s really no different to how flowers reward bees with pollen so that the bees spread the pollen to allow the flower to reproduce. The swarm will seek pollen and through cross pollination you can make geographic location irrelevant on this level.

The only reason it is relevant to the network is ping times/latency.

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