Farming incentive for physically hardened bits?

As we know every defensive system is made of layers. I think we recognize the core software is the logical starting place and the therefore the most important layer, but it is also not sufficient. Is there a plan to pay more for bits produced/stored/transferred with harder and harder hardware tech. The weakest link at launch will be a mass of common net hardware that’s apparently been designed to be compromised by the most aggressive of aggressors. That’s blood in the water at birth. An arms race will ensue over hardware as a point of weakness. How does SAFE hold up its side? I hope someday that SAFE runs only on hardened end user owned and controlled mesh, and that this new network is a replacement for the current internet.

Its an old question that lingers but it speaks possibly to the final or realized vision of the network. It also speaks to priority. To me a stable network that can support transparency is a much higher priority than a currency system free of state or corporate meddling. That network is life and death and the currency is quality of life. Still, it seems logical to set up the SAFE currency to reinforce the security of the SAFE ecosystem directly. I thought that was the point of the SAFE currency when I first heard about it- to get paid for building out the network in tangible terms (hardened hardware) that didn’t just add capacity. I always thought open systems stuff like Pop Corn time would prevail as the core of the economic model. The idea of a lure to SAFE because people can generically make more money is nice when based on more efficiency and a better value proposition but the real value was in a secure stable network.

As for those who want to invest in SAFE coin and get a return, I was one of them and still am to an extent, I don’t seem the point once SAFE OS & SAFE Browser (with total end user control over the interface,) SAFE Search (sponsor and ad free) and SAFE mesh hardware reference and certification are developed. Rather than buying coin for investment or speculation, would be better off buying SAFE hardware and adding directly to the networks hardened capacity.