eMAID Pizza transaction

Today, I took a group of family out for Pizza in Bath, England, and I arranged to pay for the Pizza with eMAID. This may be the first documented Pizza purchase with eMAID?

It was great pizza. If anyone else wants to do the same, Dough restaurant in Bath will accept eMAID for Pizza (though probably best to let them know you want to do it ahead of time so staff are ready for it… as I expect not all will be familiar).

Me on the left, and Massimo from Dough on the right… he’s a massive Autonomi evangelist who has persuaded stacks of people to buy in… I don’t expect the eMAID from the purchase will be on the market any time soon :smile:

Having recently celebrated Bitcoin Pizza day, 7th of July will now be my eMAID Pizza day :pizza:

Needless to say, I purchased the eMAID that I spent on Pizza for this purpose… I won’t end up like Bitcoin Pizza guy who spent 10k BTC on Pizza, but didn’t retain his fat stash of BTC!

Here’s hoping the 534 eMAID for 13 Pizzas soon looks ludicrous, and that in a few years time, buying Pizza with network tokens will be commonplace!



P.S. You’re a legend :pinched_fingers:


The Autonomi economy began in the South West of England on 7th July 2024, in the historic Roman spa town of Bath.


Blimey, that’s brilliant. Maybe Massimo would approve someone :thinking: to make his restaurant the first business with a website on Autonomi, or perhaps a small page marking this event?

I’d be willing to create a page with those images, but the honour should really go to one of you two.


I stayed in Bath at the YMCA youth hostel. I had a great time and the people are just wonderful.

We should start a directory on the Autonomi network of businesses that accept EMAID. This pizza place could be the first one.


He’d love that… I’ll ask him what he thinks, but I guess Dough’s existing page should work OK as it seems to be a static site:

I’ll suggest a slightly modified version mentioning they’ll accept eMAID, and then we can get it on the Beta ASAP :smiley:


Ask if he delivers to boats. :rofl:


I expect it could be arranged if docked in the centre of Bath!


Hi all,

Massimo here. We are thrilled to announce that we now accept emaid as a payment method! We are truly honored to start this new chapter in our business with emaid.

@happybeing, we are excited to create a commemorative page for this milestone. I will be meeting with David tomorrow to discuss the details.

To our wonderful autonomi community, you are warmly invited to visit our two restaurants in Bath and pay with emaid. Not sure if it’s the best choice for you, but it’s definitely great for us!

Looking forward to seeing you there!



Welcome Massimo, this news and those photos were tremendous.

I’d love to be able to visit and enjoy your food and hospitality, and pay with eMAID or the real token one day. Unfortunately that’s not very practical for me at the moment but you never know. I do love Bath when I’ve visited, and have a very special memory from there many years ago.

I look forward to your commemorative website.



You are very welcome and certainly will have a vip reception for your outstanding contribution to autonomi. :heart: