Elm programming language

I’ve been looking into Elm a bit lately, and to my (very untrained eyes) it seems like a really cool language to build safe apps in, although someone who knows what their talking about might be able to judge that better (I see @dirvine is following their creator on twitter). It’s also a faily new language/community and might be easier to approach than more established communities.

Maybe get a safe-elm-api? :wink:

Anyone familiar/using Elm here in any way?

Edit: Since this became it’s own topic, might as well put in a video that showcases the actual code a bit as well. The live coding part of this vid starts around 15-16 min.

Edit2: This is a ncie site with stuff made with Elm


It is very very good actually. I would recommend folks take a look.


Good to have my initial feeling confirmed. I know my basic HTML / CSS and a bit of js, but I’m constantly overwhelmed by it (js) and the Elm architecture just made a lot more sense logically (to me).

The compiler is also superfriendly.

The Evan guy seems like a really intelligent guy as well.

Havent found to many resources for learning that doesnt demand a bit more basic programming knowledge than I currently have, but I’ll get there.

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Because I don’t know enough about modern web development (yet), I’ve found this overview: 2016/2017 MUST-KNOW WEB DEVELOPMENT TECH - Watch this if you want to be a web developer.
And at 11:23 Elm is also mentioned.

Together with How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016?


Elm seems like a very nice language. I built a Conway’s life inspired cellular automata simulator in elm a couple years ago. It was rather slow at the time (I don’t think their native map was very performant).

It was only through Elm that I really started understanding some of the principles of functional-reactive programming (not continuous time… I think that’s actually kinda pathological and certainly unnecessary for most scenarios). I guess Elm has officially migrated away from FRP, and I haven’t looked at it since then, but I hope they have kept their model of harnessing Mealy Machines to structure GUIs.