Division in Safecoin

One think I don’t like about the safecoin is the binary division.
With this division you have the following numbers:
… until 2^248 divisions

But in the real world you use decimal number X.X, X.XX, X.XXX,… so if you need to made a transfer with decimals probably you need to divide your safecoin a lot of times only to reach the exact number generating a lot of new safecoin files.

Of course the binary division is easy in the computer wold but I think we can save a lot of space generating decimal division. We can divide the 248 bits in 62 4bit groups using only the 10 first position of each group and generate safecoin of decimal value (0.1, 0.01, 0.001…). In this case you need only 10 files to made a 0.X transfer and 20 files to made a 0.XX transfer saving a lot of space and simplifying the safecoin world.


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I don’t understand so it worries me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully someone who gets this can help clear the fog

(but I don’t think data files are made for SafeCoins… I think it’s just annonymous & wasteless)

I made some fast calculation (a mathematician can find the exact formula) and for example to pay 0.1 safecoin close to 8 decimals (you cannot reach the exact number) you need the following:
A7+A8+A11+A12+A15+A16+A19+A20+A23+A24+A27+A28 = 0.0999999940395355
In each AX, X is the number of division.

In this case you need to generate 56 new safecoin files and you send 12 in the transfer.

In my solution (using decimal division), you generate 10 files, transfer one and send the exact number.

The original usage of SafeCoin don’t project lot of division of it, given the total cap to be 4.3 billion and coin is “recyclable”.
There were many in -house discussions about whether division,need to be supported. And there is solution that can support normal decimal use without division at all. However, at that moment, there was other concerns that make us consider such solution to be pre-mature. So it was decide to pull it off.

The current binary division version as illustrated in the whitepaper is included just to demonstrate the capability of the coin protocol. And it is expected this part will be reviewed / revised during certain stage.
Your suggested decimal division method will be considered at that time.

And thank you for your contribution to the community.


Safecoin needs to be as divisible as bitcoin.

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qi_ma, thank for your answer.

I think is important not subestimate the number of division in the safecoin life. If the safe net expand the number of division will grow and the total number of 4,3 billion not even reach one unity per human so most of the safecoin transfer will be with decimals.

And, for the moment, the safecoin can be the only cryptocoin capable of generate hundreds, thousands o even millions of transaction per second unless, for example, bitcoin with 7 transaction/seg. This possibility can made safecoin the reference in the crypto world.


Sure, that’s why the division section was included in the whitepaper to show the potential capability.
However, it does need to be further investigated / evaluated to ensure deploying an efficient / problem-free method.