Delays lead to a return to IPO price (MaidSafeCoin discussion)

As I predicted and discussed in the rust v. c++ thread. From the most recent development notes, it appears that now 3 employees are working on the rust port. After there was a statement that testnet 3 would be 100% C++. Trying to interpret this contradictory info is difficult. I take this to mean that there is intractable difficulty in coding in C++ moving forward, so there will be more delays and uncertainty moving forward in a new programming language.

Meanwhile the roadmap hasn’t moved all month. Still halfway through testnet 2 stage. The “testnet 3 by March” tweet appears to have been in error. Dev team has been very skittish about giving any kind of development timeline with dates and targets, which makes it hard to evaluate success or failure.


Man I’m loving these prices. I say let it fall, more Safecoin for us bears. :bear: :smile:


Would be nice to have a rough guesstimate when Testnet3 is expected to launch. Ballpark, best and worst case dates?

Uh! Have you ever seen github activity or the bright green dashboard from last week, or just drop in here with FUD every so often. That team work their hearts out and we are doing a significant test right now under immense pressure, not to go backwards!

It won’t take you long to check the language on github, but it’s kinda not your purpose really is it?

What matters is SAFE clear efficient system level code, I doubt you would recognise that kind of code, never mind understand what it means. If it was assembly c c++ erlang spark rust ada etc. it makes no difference what matters is that it launches as soon as possible and is future proof, perhaps you would not like that. I think we have more than proved c++ prowess and professionalism, cannot say that’s ever been in dispute, it hard, yes, is it slow, yes it is and nobody can say different. It is a low level systems language and requires careful consideration not slap dash practices. I take it you hound the Bitcoin devs for not being at version 1.0 yet?

Eh! do ya really want to talk strict dates Jim, really do you, or would you prefer some professionalism and forward motion in dev. We keep folks up to date as much as we can, but there is work to get done. Go demand microsoft give you a release date for anything, or Apple or Storj , be careful man!

Exactly how many large scale software projects have you actually managed?

If you guys have a chance to use better code, tools or other libraries that will speed you up and don’t take them then you will fail and should. You need to understand dev process. I am full time in code since tail of last year and have been vocal that I am making large changes it’s no secret. It’s to improve speed and ability to move faster. I know that’s a good thing and glad of it. You think ye can do better then fork away and show us your code mastery and brilliance.

It’s now like seeing you post means a hostile thoughtless post Jim, which when you represent a project in this space you should really not do. It embarrasses you and must be cringeworthy to the devs in Storj as well, some of whom are on this forum and act responsibly.

Your approach is not helpful, So think what you want but state your affiliations and purpose for doing so. I know the recent news from your team and say nothing and certainly do not public-ally criticise the team as I am sure they would expect that courtesy and professionalism.

You need to look inwards before spewing outwards chap.


We are refusing to commit till after testnet3 is up and the new process is in place. I spoke recently about moving to a sprint based release cycle which will mean we will give dates for updates. These will actually be coded before we give the release date, so they will be met.

We really are working our guts out right now, a bunch of us are on slack till the guys in India kick in at 5am and then were in the catchup at 9am so the work-rate right now is ferocious and it’s my forcing these changes that is causing the massive workload increase. Just let us get this sprint behind us, the change is dramatic.


Do you guys have a Bitcoin address we can send funds to for snacks and caffeinated beverages.


No but we have a Huge coffee jar :slight_smile: We keep well caffinated although Fraser gave up caffine in October (bad error :smiley: )


You guys should start one. I’ve got $20 worth of BTC ready to donate to the fund.


Eh, it weeds out the disbelievers and speculators plus weak hands. So I think you are on some ulterior motives here, my man.


It is the uncertainty that is the killer. Promising less and delivering more is better received, no matter how logical it is.

I look forward to the team enjoying the fruits of the agile scrum process. I can honestly say that it has helped our team massively and I suspect you will see the same improvements too.

Testnet 3 will relieve the pressure on delivery, but expectations need to be better managed in the longer term, IMO. Just being honest here - I have every faith in you and your team regardless.

I agree for sure, it’s why we went to jira, The issue with scrums in this level pre launch are hard to explain. The bottom line is a sprint really needs to deliver something and to users. When the testnet is up again with the new logic this will be great. I intend to have a rolling system of upgrades and use sprints to achieve this.It is a huge push to bash everything into shape for it and the office has never been so on edge and fragile. But the excitement is there and everyone can see what we are doing is a step change to processes. It is a change and I am sure your team had the same challenges making the change, but yes 100% it’s worth it.

The hardest part is I am late in the game getting to code and this causes me to go into turbo mode which is not great for everyone near me at this time, but amazing progress in last week, I was seriously impressed and the guys loved it.

Absolutely, we are much more focussed now as previously when I was very distant from code it was not easy to figure out where we were. Now we have 100% automated CI with coverage analysis and Qa that will be much more managerial, so the system is taking shape fast.

We are getting into great shape for a much more streamlined release process, which is understandable as the team were doing a huge amount of research and it is a step change to get into just release mode. It’s happening very fast though, even if a little painful.

The biggest pressure the team have is the feeling of letting anyone down. Every Friday we are not launched it’s tough, so the energy of the testnet being back on line with all this change is not to be underestimated for sure. We need to just mange max speed without demotivating or making folks ill, but were over the hill now and tottering home (quickly).


I think @lowry_jim is coming off as rude. I’ll donate some btc too if there’s an address. I told him I thought he was being over critical but my post was moved and I got a weird message so I withdrew my post. Ignore this crap I don’t even feel it’s necessary to respond to these posts at this point (it’s been addressed sincerely multiple times and I’d hate to see it frustrate and affect moral) keep rockin dev team!


People in this thread should listen to David in this quote.
I’ll follow up by saying that source code is about algorithms and you want secure code. If the code is insecure or if its too hard to do in C++ due to the design of C++ then for something as important as SAFE Network for which lives may someday be at stake it is worth it to prioritize secure code.

Whether “investors” ever make money is secondary to protecting the life and liberty of those who may rely on the code. Also the code has to be maintained even in the situation where the original developers are not available. So what would be best for future maintenance?

I don’t consider myself a talented programmer but I do know algorithms and have read a lot of code. I also know SAFE Network could be extremely important code and not at all easy to secure in C++ (which in my experience is extremely easy to write buggy code in).


If people want to, such as maybe investment oriented individuals can figure out how to crowdfund for SAFE Network. Crowdfunding was just legalized in the USA and many businesses can be built on top of SAFE Network.

If you have a background in law and or business why not figure some way to help hire SAFE Network developers so the development process can be faster?


The timeline won’t matter if you get it right, or get it wrong. I’m very much looking forward to it, but I hope you guys take all the time you need. As someone else mentioned already, I’ll continue to pick up more from those w/o the patience.


First of all thanks for setting this back to its own topic heading. I don’t think the main update thread should be the place for investor relations and price speculation.

I think it is unfair to call me rude, a sideliner, or accuse me of trying to denigrate a Storj competitor. I have invested in multiple cryptocurrency FOSS projects, including storj and maidsafe. I take an active role in monitoring the communities and developments of those projects. I want them all to succeed both to make the world a better place and for my own self interest.

The purpose of this post is to explain why the price of MAIDSAFECOIN has returned to the IPO price, both for the community as a whole and the development team. I don’t think it would be fair play to spend all the time and energy that I do monitoring only to withhold my opinions and conclusions. Markets operate more efficiently in a full information system.

The tools published for investors and speculators to monitor the progress of the project are the SAFEnet roadmap and this forum. It is unreasonable to expect them to go pore through the codebase to search for progress. Even the core devs who are very familiar with the entire codebase are unable to give firm release dates, so an outside observer would not be able to do so either. We have to rely on the representations of the core dev team and take them at their word.

I see frustration and anger being directed at me. I suppose I have put myself forward by starting this thread as a target for the outward manifestation of these emotions. That’s fine, I can handle it. It’s worth taking this mild abuse, if that is what is necessary to impart information. More truthful information will lead to a more accurate market price.


Dude it’s basically going onto github and seeing what has been added . It takes like 60 seconds and is verifiable by anyone , a guide dog could bark out the progress to its owner its that simple.


You brought it on yourself. You don’t see all of us throwing a hissy fit about our investment. I invested because I see the potential and genuinely give a shit not to harass the devs so I know when I’ll get a return. You’re ridiculous, don’t like it then go.


This guy sounds hysterical. His comments seem as ridiculous as the Kaspersky stuff. Does Storj have the NSA as a partner? Given his conflict that’s the level of stuff Mr. Lowry is expressing. He’s trying to use this forum the way sponsors do the media. He’s trying to use his investment as a competitor to damage a competitor. At the very least its sour grapes and brings his integrity into question. Its subject matter experts that invest in tech like this and they do look at the code base. As above if he can do better he can fork it. If he has a more fundamental problem why did he invest in the first place. It could be worrying for competitor onlookers that SAFE actually made it to the code refining point.


StorJ News 2015:

Patience: we had a lot of rapid progress and made a big push but it’s important to remember we’re building a platform and it’s imperative to do it in a solid fashion. It is necessary to invest time now to make things better and speed up development later.